Dr Perez and Mr Zambrano

The intriguing case of Dr Perez and Mr Zambrano continued in delightful fashion on Saturday as the strike-throwing Oliver Perez showed up to yet again dispose of the Evil Braves, this time by throwing 6 2/3 innings of nine-strikeout, no-walk pitching that moved the Mets past Atlanta, 7-2, at Shea Stadium and back into first place.

Against the Braves over the last two seasons has started four games against the Braves and is now 3-1 with a 2.89 ERA. Braves Killah.

And then against the Rest of the League over the last two seasons he is 2-14 7.04.

Not only were we shocked and amazed by this Braves Killah taking the mound but guess who showed up to play at Shea last night?

That's right Carlos Beltran!

As previously documented herein Carlos has been well, withholding performances from Shea and battering opposing pitching on the road much to the bafflement and dismay of Mets fans.

On Saturday however, he tied a career high with his four hits, which included a double and a triple. It was the second time in three games that he's had four hits, and he is batting .536 (15-for-28) over his last six games.


Of course we mustn't forget to include Jose Reyes, who went 3-for-5 with a solo homer and continues to haunt NL Pitchers.

Or perhaps the Chuck James Runs Experience, which allowed six earned runs on a career-worst 10 hits.


The Great Flashlight Caper has Braves players blinded and the hyperactive judge said he had "recklessly endangered the lives of players and spectators and caused a temporary delay to the game."


This off the official Mets site regarding the Bark in the Park:

Whatever, the dogs prompted some dog questions of the Mets players, including this one:

"If the Mets, this 25-player team, were a dog, what species would it be?" It's something akin to Barbara Walters' question of President Jimmy Carter -- "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"

The Mets responses were these:

Maine: "A bulldog, because we're so handsome."

Tom Glavine: "Wouldn't we have to be a mutt?"

Castro: "A pit bull. We're a tough team."

Shawn Green: "A golden retriever. Some big, loving, family dog."

Julio Franco: "We're smart, aggressive and fearsome. We're a Rottweiler."

Lo Duca: "We'd have to be a Doberman. Fierce and tough, but we look good doing it."

And Aaron Heilman (after careful thought): "A Shar Pei ... that dog with the wrinkled face, because people think we're old."

At least nobody's comparing the team to a chihuhua.

It leaves me to wonder though, about this early-season obsession with canines and what the message is behind it.

I mean, is this what you want to take the nippers to see at Shea?

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