Mets Overcome Friday the 13th And Nats, 3-2

With less verve and ease than they dispatched The Team To Beat the Mets fended off the bottom-dwelling (well at this point, watch out Phillies!) Nats by 3-2 in a game started by minor league recall and temporary 5th starter Mike Pelfrey whose arrival marked the departure of the highly anticipated Lastings Milledge.

With the Phillies flushed down the terlet the Mets set their sights on first place and the Nats who were coming off a surprise (indeed, rare) victory over the Atlanta Braves.

Wags' save makes him 10th All-Time

Julio Franco's two-out grounder which ran virtually between the legs of Nats pitcher Ryan (I'm Not Billy) Wagner in the 7th, scored David Wright from second and made Aaron Heilman the game winner all in one swing.

Jose Reyes, who had a hit and a stolen base but scored twice, has now batted 48 times and scored 13 times.

The worrisome number five starter Pelfrey was effective against this Triple AAA lineup throwing 5 2/3 innings but walking 4, allowing a pair of earned runs and surrendering 6 hits. 57 of his 97 pitches were for strikes.

The bigger story than Pelfrey's anticipated debut, Wagner's record save and a one-run win by the Mets was the weather which may result in yet another new Mets song like Freeze With The Mets.

Whilst the UK was enjoying some of the balmiest weather in its history, warmer even than the Costa del Espana, at Shea the game began at 7:13 p.m., the temperature was 45 degrees and the wind was gusting at 26-miles-an-hour.

Brrrrr, Mets. Brrrrr.

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