Rainy America

Six games were postponed on Sunday due to rain but not in Atlanta.

Not all Rain is Bad Rain...

Whilst the Mets' rubber match against the Nats was rained out the Braves were busy beating the Marlins and extending their lead in the NL East to a full game.

It also prevented The Team To Beat from losing another game and falling further out of the NL East race before it really starts.

Of course with the Braves playing the Nats and the Phillies hosting the Mets, this could all change very quickly.

John Maine opens this series taking the hill against the winter acquisition, Freddy Garcia. This is Garcia's long-awaited Phillies debut having begged out of his first scheduled start because of soreness in his right biceps.

Maine, as we know, had the frigid cold to blame for his Home Opener performance that left bystanders less than overwhelmed by walking 6 batters. However, he has a 3-0 career record and 2.35 career ERA against the Phillies.


Meanwhile in the City of Brotherly Lust that beloved Team To Beat has fizzled, even in the rain, hitting the skids to the tune of 3-8 a mere half game ahead of the Nats.

This isn't news really. What is news is that one of their starting pitchers, Brett Myers, has apologised for pitching like a "scared dog".

"I'm pitching like a scared dog. If you pitch like a Chihuahua, you're going to be eaten by a Rottweiler."


Batting 9th and pitching for the Phillies...

Ok, fair enough. You feel bad because you've started three games this season and you've got two losses and a 9.39 ERA to show for it but is that chihuahua-level pitching?

What does that make John Lieber coming out of the bullpen with his 11.57 ERA?


ryan said...

Wouldn't you be scared too if you were pitching for the Phillies? What happened to all the Mets coverage? I feel like I'm reading a phillies blog!

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