Citi Park's Bullpen Just Got Better

What's this, Omar has finally learned the auld one-two, the body blow followed by the uppercut?

Bullpen worries TKO'd?

One day after doing the predictable by signing K-Rod, Omar reaffirmed in part anyway, his reputation as a GM's GM by turning a crazy auld-school three-way trade to net JJ Putz, reliever Sean Green and outfielder Jeremy Reed in exchange for Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez and Joe Smith.

What this means of course is that the number one concern going into the winter meetings, namely a rubbish bullpen, has been in large part alleviated. We might even be able to start breathing again although there's still the issue of a pair of starters, a left fielder and a second baseman to consider as holes waiting to be plugged.

Addition by addition AND addition by subtraction.

So the bullpen worries are pretty much over. Yes, there's a little more tweaking to do but Omar has fixed the biggest problem.

And who isn't happy to see Heilman go? Who was still holding out hope for Joe Smith? Sure, Chavez had a few miraculous graps in the outfield but let's face it, he's a born bench player who isn't the answer to any of the Mets headaches. Jeremy Reed is a cheaper and younger Chavez.

Of course, the move wasn't without a modicum of controversy. Putz, you see, is a closer, not a set-up man and whilst ideally having this one-two punch is Bullpen Beluga for the Mets, if you're JJ Putz, you've been sort of demoted.

"It's not the ideal situation, but having the two of us at the back of the bullpen will be pretty strong. I will not change my approach at all. I will close the game in the eighth and give the ball to [newly acquired closer] Frankie [Rodriguez]." Putz said about the trade.

Well, I'm not looking for controversy or problems where they don't exist but for a guy who succeeded in 91 of 108 his save opportunities over three seasons as a full time closer, 8 of those blown saves were last season alone as he battling with injuries. That minor concern aside, having a bullpen with Eddie Kunz and JJ Putz is bound to produce some late-inning tomfoolery. It also allows Duaner Sanchez and Pedro Feliciano to do less damage in earlier innings rather than giving them chances to blow leads late and means that Scott Schoeneweis is likely on the next bus out of here.

In addition to Putz and K-Rod comes Sean Green, similar to Smith as a specialist against righties although his 8.65 ERA in 24 games after the All-Star break is nothing to break wind about.

So, two days, two great deals, bullpen worries virtually resolved and the radar is now on starting pitching. Jason Marquis is not a number two starter but if it means Schoeneweis lands in Chicago by george I think Omar will have another winner on his hands.

Again I'll have to postpone concerns about the other areas which need strengthening in order for the Mets to overtake the Phillies this season but happily I'll postpone it when the news is so full of big events.

And if this wasn't enough activity there was the feminine-sounding Cole Hamels opening his big pie hole and earning his stripes as new Public Enemy Number One out of Philly by (rightly perhaps) pointing out what a showboat Jose Reyes is and again (rightly) pointing out the Mets are a bunch of choke artists. His first start in the new Citi Park should be interesting although with ticket prices being what they are, the battery-throwers and rabid, vociferous fans have likely been priced out of Citi Park so Hamel will likely be met with polite applause in between mouthfuls of French wine, brie and baguettes.


I.M. Forme said...

yep, hamels is in for some mean chardonnay showers! i wouldn't want to be in his loafers.

jdon said...

wouldn't it be great if the Wilpons had to sell the team because they got fleeced by this madoff scheme? they are the masters of poor decision making. ow they ever got rich is beyond me. maybe they could sell it to mark cuban.

jdon said...

I actually think Cole Hamels has a feminine delivery on the mound. He just looks so delicate. A round ball in his earhole would be a nice touch. But who do we have that has the onions to deliver it?
The only chance we have of Omar getting fired is if he somehow advised the Wilpons to go into this hedge fund with madoff. Highly unlikely, IMHO

Jaap said...

oh, I.M., they'll throw pink cozy fleece-lined jackets from the Yuppy Puppy Pet Boutique and freshly ironed Argylle socks at him! He'll be crying with fear at the insults he'll hear in Greek and Latin ringing in his ears...

Jaap said...

yes jdon, just imagine the Mets are in first place in July by like 40 games and then Wilpon goes bankrupt like Iceland or California and the Mets have to conduct a fire sale to raise money. Suddenly there goes Santana, K-Rod, Wright, Delgado, etc. Woop!
But on the bright side, at least the annual ChokeFest would be accompanied by a justifiable reason. Of course then they wouldn't actually choke, the remaining Mets, they'd get together with like, half a team and the rest just a bunch of castoffs and make this great march to the playoffs...wait a minute, didn't they sort of do in Major League? Mike Piazza could come back and play Tom Berenger, John Franco could play like an ageing Charlie Sheen closer, Ty Wigginton could play Corbin Bernsen, bring back Lastings to play Willie Mays Hayes, Davey Johnson, fresh off leading Team USA to victory takes over as manager, etc.
still, would rather just see the Wilpons lose everything and the Mets be taken over by like JK Rowling (surely she's got enough dosh to buy them) and rather than play baseball games they can all act out Harry Potter scenes for children in the afternoon. Sure beats the countdown to choking away another pennant, eh?

jdon said...

I might even go for that, I hate the Wilpons so much. Wow, can you imagine just BLOW
ING 300 mil?