The Army's Fave Mets Highs and Lows 2008

Before we wake up in a pile of our own sick sometime around 11 am on the first day of 2009, it might be a good time to have a quick look 'round at the Highlights and Lowlights of another miserable season, 2008.

But first, a mini photo montage:

The return of the rollercoaster, number one favourite photo of the season....

Jose makes the crazy, Who Me Choke? face, yet again.

Hey Jose, don't look now but it's September!

Remember this Jose Bonehead Brainfart Against the Phillies in July?

What a minute, how about Bonehead getting picked off against the Yank-Mes in June?

Need More Oxygen To Point to the Sky!

Frame It! Castillo Actually Awake During a Game, Though Barely...

Yup, Head Still Attached to Neck...

The Hall of Fame of Mediocre Mets Managers

Look familiar? Another Blown Game By Schoeneweis

Don't Worry Oliver, Soon enough you'll be pitching like crap for even more money!

What a relief you're gone!

Mr Met Concussion, 2008

Yeessss, give Mr Mediocre More Money!

Praying to the Scott Boras Gods

Carlos Beltran does his Endy Chavez impersonation

But doesn't always land safely to Earth.

The Auld Men Whoop It Up


1. 21/5/08: Mets Crash To Earth: Willie's bizarre comments on racism and Mets swept by Braves in Doubleheader

2. 7/5/08: Kuo Helps Kill Mets Again: Dodgers Kong-Chih Kuo beat them again, striking out 8 of the 13 Mets he faced, like last years, stare at your homer moment by the same Kong.

3. 9/6/08: Four Games Four Losses Mets swept by the lowliest of Padres.

4. 29/9/08 Chooooooooke: Mets complete another collapse.

5. 31/8/08: Stupid 101 Don't Intentionally Walk The Bases Loaded another Jerry Manuel crazy decision.


1. 30/1/08 Omar You're Beautiful: Mets Sign Johan.

2.. 6/12/08: K-Rod Is A Met

3. 26/9/08: Wow: Mets come from behind victory over the Cubs.

4. 13/5/08: Softball Girls Beat Mets: Not a highlight for the loss but certainly for Nelson Figueroa's memorable remarks.

5. 17/6/08: RIP Willie: Finally, Willie punches his Mets clock for the last time.

(bonus track)

6. 18/7/08 Winning Streak to 10: Mets tied for first place after incredible 10th win in a row.


jdon said...

just an outstanding post, jaap. and a happy new year to you, too. i'm feeling very seasonal. when april arives i will be feeling a different kind of seasonal.

katherine said...

Isn't it terrible how the bad ending to the season steals the enjoyment of the great moments?

I was looking at some Post and Daily News back covers that I brought home with me to commemorate the winning streak, and I just couldn't get pleasure from them. Sigh.

Anyway, I loved the photos, jaap. Especially the roller coaster one, and the photos of Jose, who is not as chokey as you say - but when the team is struggling everyone's foibles and failures are spotlighted.

Jaap said...

jdon, best of luck to you AND the Mets in 2009. hopefully, only the Mets will need it. many thanks for following the blog this season.

Jaap said...

aye, Katherine, the good has been overshadowed by the bad two seasons running, no doubt because of how impossibly our hopes were crushed. If the Mets are in the running in September 2009, are you still going to stick a tepid toe in the water? I'm sure we will all still be hoping against hope that the good times won't stop all 2009. have a great new year and thanks for reading!

I.M. Forme said...

Nice job Jaap--had somehow forgotten the softball girls and the chuckle that warmed my winter.

Happy New Year...next year's almost here!

Jaap said...

likewise, I M Forme - let's just hope those Andruw Jones rumours get squashed quick and the Jets come up with a decent head coaching decision.

jdon said...

the Jets are so much like the Mets. The owners think they know something about the sport. explain me this: the mets were actually considering swapping A Jones for Castillo? 18 mil now for 18 mil over 3 years for a human blimp with a hole in his swing you could drive a small van through? Yet they will not consider signing Orlando Hudson while retaining Castillo, which would actually result in less of an outlay of money next year? Happy New Year, by the way.

Jaap said...

the jets ARE the mets dude. they even collapse at crunch time.
i wish they would make a chocolate bar about disappointment mets and jets.

jdon said...

The Mets hqad also better forget comparing themselves to the Skanks. While they have conducted a Supermarket Sweep this off-season, Omar shops around, clutching his coupons, doing "one thing at a time." Is that what a big time orgtanization does, or are these the tactics of a man with limited skills, limited intelligence, and most damningly, limited resources. Wilpons, you might as well be in Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

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