I suppose we should be more honest than dramatic.

The Mets bleeeeeeeeeeew a golden opportunity to get the first punch in of this three game series and simultaneously knock the Phillies out of first.

Jose Bonehead

There, I've said it. Don't feel any better for it, but it's said.

Surely by now you've heard that the Mets, cruising along with a three run lead going into the 9th allowed the Phillies to score SIX RUNS and subsequently bleeeeeeeew the game, a sure victory.

Did I mention Jose, Bonehead?

Now, Jose's brain freeze didn't necessarily cost the Mets the game. After all, there was the matter of a few horrific bullpen performances from Duaner Sanchez and Pedro Feliciano to contend with, but jesus Jose, how about a little help from the infield? With the bases loaded Joe Smith comes in, does his job,induces a chopper, everybody's going to look smart and whisper relief but NO. Jose Reyes what? Unable to choose which out to take there were so many staring him in the face? Gets NO outs instead of two AND lets a run score?

Is this an early Reyes choke job a la September 2007?

Ok, maybe the kid bounces back tonight and gets three triples and scores four times and is the motor behind a bouncing offence but last night, Game One, the Mets bleeeeeeew a massive opportunity.

No telling what the clubhouse is feeling like right now but let's see how Jerry Manuel fares in the face of adversity now that Willie Randolph's strong silent type isn't shadowing around to punch at any more.

Hey Pedro, how about another double? Over 13.00 ERA for July?

But forgetting this gutting loss for one second, let's consider that Carlos Delgado is still going strong, Johan Santana pitched the kind of game he is on the Mets to pitch. (and please no, don't piss and moan that he should have thrown a complete game - there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking the bullpen, even sans choke artist Hillbilly Wagner available to embarass himself, to hold a three goddamned run lead.

So pick your goat of the night: Reyes, Sanchez or Feliciano and know that no matter who you choose, it is the team collectively that is going to have to stand up for an 8 count after this 9th inning haymaker by the Phillies.


jdon said...

Don't forget Luis Aguayo. And tell me, how does this guy coach third ahead of Oberkfell, who has been a very successful manager in the organization for years? Aguayo wasn't even coaching when they brought him in. That being said, I have a few questions. What is Endy doing playing behind second base when Taguchi is up. Doesn't this guy have pop? This isn't Luis Castillo in the batter's box. And another gripe about Endy: what's with this parabola turns when you are running the bases. I do not consider this loss in and of itself devastating. If Wagner blew it it might have been. But we did light a fire under the Phillies hitters, who finally wised up and stopped trying to hit home runs (are we paying attention, Metsies?). And we did re-discover, conclusively, what we knew last September: our bullpen, unchanged since then, is completely unreliable in big spots.

P.S. Santana should have taken the ball for the 9th.

Jaap said...

jdon, I agree wholeheartedly about Aguayo - if possible he's a worse third base coach than Alomar Sr. Maybe he overrates Chavez's speed but regardless - Manuel should make a move to replace him, no doubt. Instead he just shrugs and says that's the nature of the job. Granted, if it was close at the plate, ok but he was out by a mile both times. Nonetheless, the bullpen should have held the lead and might have escaped were it not for Reyes' demoralising brain freeze. I know there's a debate about the 100 pitch limit on Santana but really, a three run lead shouldn't be too much for a bullpen to hold and if they can't, well, we won't get far this season anyway.

jdon said...

Reyes is a talent but he does not THINK the game. He makes his decisions while the play is developing instead of thinking things through before. I think he has concentration problems in the field.

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