Mets Bring Joy To Cardinals Fans

"We just looked sometimes lethargic. We have to be careful that doesn't become a pattern." says Jerry Manuel after last night's stinging 7-1 loss, like his manager's position is allowing him unique insight he didn't have as the bench coach. Be careful it doesn't become a pattern? Jerry where the fuck have you been the last two seasons? It's not in a danger of becoming a pattern, Jerry. It's already set in fucking stone.

The Mets are a rubbish team with the focus and concentration of Oliver Perez and after a few weeks of Jerry Manuel I think it's now safe to say he isn't the man who is going to change that.

And maybe nobody is. Maybe it's time for the Mets to simply get rid of as much of this excess baggage calling itself a team that they can rid of and start all over again with a new GM, a new manager, whatever can be salvaged from a gutted minor league system and whatever they can get for the junkyard of a team they have remaining. Spare David Wright, but quite frankly, this is the only guy from this wreckage that I'd save.

I'm beginning to believe Luis Castillo is hiding behind the guise of injury when it's really disinterested laziness which seems to be his real foe. What else would explain how fast and agile he looked against the Yankees and what a lifeless fielding muppet he looked like against the Cardinals last night? Hurt? Old? Incapable? I've said this before - if Castillo is playing hurt, put him on the DL or let him undergo season-ending surgery but this rubbish of I'll play a few games and then put jersey on and take the field but not really play the rest of the games is simply cashed as a baseball philosophy. Sadly, because of Omar's short-sightedness, this empty jersey calling itself a ball player is going to be difficult if not impossible to unload on another team. How about an unconditional release?

Resting Delgado for a late-inning defensive replacement is another joke. This guy puts up half efforts in the league of Castillo and sticking some past-his-primer like Fernando Tatis for crissakes is like trying to stem the flow of blood squirting out from a severed artery with a square of toilet paper.

The right side of the infield a gaping hole of incompetence and lethargy and no amount of wishful thinking, no amount of late-inning replacements called up from Scrubville or Futility City or the MLB pension queue, is going to change that.

Look, staying out here is a bad idea coach, I think I'm just going to give up all these runs right now so we can stop having to worry about staying close altogether and just get this loss over.

Hard to believe that a year and a half ago or so these two teams were playing in the NLCS.

Sure, the Cardinals are looking good after a year of misery. But the Mets? Looks like the 2006 NLCS was the closest this collection of somnambulists and brittle bodies is ever going to come to winning anything again.

John Maine started the game off smashingly...for the Cardinals. A lead off walk, a single and an RBI single followed by another walk and the next thing you knew Coach Warthen is waddling out there to see what the fuck John Maine was smoking. Four batters into the lineup and the Mets were down 1-0 with the bases loaded and none out. Not the kind of beginning that makes you think the Mets have a prayer of staying in the game.

But Maine escaped it with only one more run to leave the Mets in a 2-0 hole.

Then in the second inning, as the Met bats went down meekly yet again to Kyle Lohse, a man the Mets rejected, or rather Omar rejected back in January off season. But Maine seemed ready to answer before Skip Schumaker's simple grounder with two outs went through Castillo's legs and let Yadier Molina to score from second base. 3-0 and hope slipping like sand through the fingertips.

Third inning, Mets go down as easy as 1-2-3 and the Cards get another run in their half, 4-0.

Need we go on and on and on? The millionth throwing error by David Wright in his short career, this one a circus throw in the 4th inning led to yet another run and by now, if you were still listening to or watching the game you are a confirmed masochist because everybody in the world knows the Mets are not going to come back from such a lifeless deficit with the entirey of the defence simply standing around waiting for the next lapse in concentration. How long has Wright been playing third base for the Mets and how long has he had problems throwing the goddamned ball from third to first? Is there some sort of learning disability on display here?

What? The game still salvageable? Why let's put in Carlos Muniz then so we can all get back to the hotel!

So there you go, folks. Another embarassing loss. Another reminder that no matter how delusional the length of the baseball season allows us to remain, the simple fact is that the Mets are going nowhere this season.

It's time to start the Fire Sale.


jdon said...

somewhat off topic: reyes and his focus, reyes and his tantrums. my non-medical observation: has anyone tested him for ADD? It may not be simple immaturity. I do not know what kind of medical attention he received as a child not going to high school so he could play baseball at the professional level. It might be something as simple as that. Our "crack" medical staff, as Ryan Church can attest, would never pick up on that.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Castillo was signed to a FOUR YEAR DEAL to appease Santana, to make him want to come here. I also think that this signing alone is enough grounds to fire Omar on the grounds that he is an idiot. You cannot have a statue at second base. We have the worst defensive infield in baseball. Wright is awful. His gold glove was a bigger travesty than the NHL refs were in the payoffs this year. Reyes has slipped. Castillo and Delgado/Tatis (hahahaha) are unmentionables. Thank God we have three fly ball pitchers.

jdon said...

my apologies...somehow I posted this last one as "anonymous"

Jaap said...

hey jdon - firstly, with respect to Reyes, I dunno, it's baseball. I'm not sure ADD applies here, does it? I mean baseball is a skill sport not fucking chess. Ball players are not known for their high IQs to begin with. I think he's just got a bad attitude probably not helped by watching Castillo putting in a half effort most games. I'd say trade him now while he's still worth something. I can't say his attitude is undergo some magical transformation any time soon.

Your theory on Castillo's contract is a possibility. Or maybe Omar's helping out one of this hermanos, who knows. Omar has already shown with his handling of sacking Willie he let's personal shit get in the way of baseball decisions, a fatal flaw.

I wouldn't be sad to see any of these guys go, bar Wright.

jdon said...

The ADD thing ocurred to me because I heard someone describing how Cairo and Valentin used to keep him focused defensively. Also Wright used to talk about how Jose used to sing between pitches. Don't forget, some brainpower is required. For instance, back up that base. Do not steal third with two out. Things like that. I too would like to trade him. We need to restock and good players are needed. He can bring back 3 or 4. I have not seen any Jose Reyes type players on the last ten or so Series winners. So what is the big deal. He is our ticket to rebuild quickly and well. Of course, we need a new GM to handle it. Dopey is not up to it. Remember Bartolo Colon

Jaap said...

well jdon, hadn't heard that story about Reyes singing in between pitches before. Interesting. Unless the Mets go on a tear before the All Star break, Omar should probably be sent packing. That gives the new GM time to get to know the Mets players for the second half of the season and time to evaluate the minor league talent of other teams.

Anonymous said...

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