Looks Like The Mets (And The Army) Are Back!

When these pages were last dulled by the obsequious presence of the Army the Mets were still diligently gathering evidence of the mediocrity.

They'd were in St Louis, had split the first two games of a four game series with another three game series on the road in Philly on the horizan.

The Army felt safe in its belief that upon return from its undisclosed location it would be discovered that either the Metsies had continued treading water in a vortex of unrequited hope or would be preparing the first and likely last fire sale of the Omar regime, miserable with disappointment at all the lofty dreams gone painfully awry.

Well whoop-dee-doo

As it turns out, neither was the case.

Instead, eight days later the Mets are riding a five game winning streak which includes three wins in a row over the Phuckin' Phillies and two shutout wins in a row over the They Might Not Be Giants.

Not only that but even the Mets organisation appears to have allowed themselves enough enthusiasm to unleash a Vote Wright Now campaign the likes of which seemed almost impossible a few weeks ago.

Is this Manager Manuel Magic or simply an inevitable upturn for a team that was destined all along to finally get it right, at least for awhile.

And what the hell happened to the kick the dirt and stumble incoherently into the night Mets we had all grown to despise?

Well for one, the re-treads that Omar put in the outfield and 2nd base to spell an injury-ruptured batting order starting hitting. Over the last week Fernando Tatis is hitting .438, Endy Chavez is hitting .407, and Damon Easley is hitting .367. By god, even that little footnote of a career called Carlos Delgado is hitting .397! Carlos Delgado! Didn't we want him waived unconditionally a few weeks ago?

Pitching coming from very unexpected places...

The starting pitching for another, Mike Pelfrey in particular.unti

There will be no throat cutting until the fatted calf is ripe.

Pelfrey of course, has been long viewed as a guy who could but couldn't and all of the sudden, after two seasons of why is this guy not pitching in New Orleans, he's doing Cy Young impersonations.

For June and July Pelfrey is 5-0 in 7 starts and sports a sub-3.00 ERA.

What the hell happened?

Well I dunno, kids. This might turn out to be fun after all.

Or perhaps the Army should go back on holiday just to make sure the winning continues.


jdon said...

the answer is overpowering starting pitching. every one of these guys has been really good. also the team seems to have realized that singles can be good too. I refuse to vote for david wright until he hits in the clutch. HInt: your hitting will improve when you stop trying to PULL EVERYTHING. you are not some 6'6" power hitting oaf/beast. drive the ball some to right center. get closer to those sliders that make you look average.

Jaap said...

yeah, singles and two out hits, jdon - listening to the game now as they roll again. A month of SF Giants and Barry Zitos would continue the good vibe no doubt. as for Wright, 70 rbis before all star break is not clutch? must be doing something wright. at least he's not going to let the HR derby mess up his swing further still

jdon said...

arod knocks in a lot of runs too. people swear e is not clutch. wright has come up short in big spots in important series. when e goes the other way and doew not overswing he is fine, but the last two seasons he as had long sells were he just tries to jack everything.

jdon said...

i have to get a new keyboard for my laptop

Jaap said...

well, it could be a matter of perception regarding Wright's clutch. but certainly the downturn in his batting average could be another sign of his flawed swing. A-Hole is another matter altogether -he's got a lengthy history of choke. and anyone who listens to madonna for spiritual guidance is obviously a nutter on top of it all.

Anonymous said...

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