Not Even Pedro Enough To Save Mets This Time

Although it wasn't really the most important story on Sunday, it is interesting to note that Mike Piazza finally came to life yesterday.

Actually, it's so rare to see Piazza inject a little fire into his game these days (when was the last time, a Spring Training game going Jack Nicholson on skinny little Guillermo Moto?), here's another photo of the argument that got him tossed in the first, perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Sunday's pathetic, groveling loss:

(photo removed for complaints, Mike too mean-looking, scaring the kids...)

How many different ways can we look at this most recent loss? Good job they won on Floyd's homer the night before otherwise this would have been an ugly sweep and the Mets would be staring at a 5 game losing streak?

Not even Pedro can save the Mets any more?

David Wright blows another game with his glove?

In the ninth inning, pinch-runner Robb Quinlan scored the winning run on an error by third baseman David Wright, who was unable to field a ground ball down the line. It was Wright's 11th error of the season and at least the third time his fielding miscues have had a heavy hand in a late-inning loss for the Mets.


Well, it was a loooong 12 game series, as long as you can imagine two weeks at home might be when you can't win consistently and seem to have the wind knocked out of you everytime you get close to something resembling a winning streak of consequence.

One night ago, Marlon Anderson faced Angels ace closer Francisco Rodriguez down a run in the bottom of the 9th and kicks back a game-tying in-the-park homerun to shock the Angels and Met fans alike.

Next night, Marlon Anderson faces Angels ace closer Francisco Rodriguez down a run in the bottom 9th and lined to second baseman Adam Kennedy. There you have it.

Just when the Mets had some momentum from the night before, when they had their opponent withering from the immensity of their two-time comeback in Saturday's game, they let one slip away with their ace on the mound.

Yes, that's right kids, not even Pedro could save the Mets from themselves on Sunday.

Although it wasn't his most stellar performance of the season, Pedro gave up three runs and six hits in seven innings. He walked four batters and struck out three. For alot of team aces, this would have been sufficient for a victory, especially since the Mets had been able to jump ahead to a 3-0 lead early on, but not for a Mets team that has scored three runs or less for the sixth time in the last eight games.

No, you'd need a rotation of Cy Young, Carl Hubbell and Walter Johnson to get through a spell of starvation hitting like that.

Cliff Floyd started the game off in the first as hot as the 10th inning of the night before when he knocked in another run to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. They later scored two more runs, one of which was knocked in by Pedro to give themselves the 3-0 lead you had to feel that experience and history would tell us spelled another Met victory with Pedro on the mound.

But then Pedro was a little less than Pedro yesterday. He allowed them a run back in the 5th after an Orlando Cabrera triple followed quickly by an Adam Kennedy single to make it 3-1.

Then a single, a double and a groundout consipired to give the Angels two more runs and tie the game at 3-3 before the ill-fated 9th inning.

Bradon Looper, who nearly tossed the game in the fire the day before in the 10th inning, actually did toss it in the 9th this game. After Roberto Hernandez replaced Pedro in the 8th and somehow managed to hold the Angels run-less despite giving up two hits, Looper came in the 9th for what ideally would have been another held inning to give the Mets the chance to score a run in the bottom of the 9th and pull out another miracle victory.

Instead, a walk, a sacrifice bunt and a ground out put an Angels runner on 3rd with two out, setting the stage for David Wright's error that gave the Angels the 4-3 lead they needed for victory.


So the Mets close out their massive homestand without much of a statement. 6 wins and 6 losses. A drop down to last place in the NL East with their 32-31 record which admittedly, doesn't mean too terribly much in a division with such closely knit teams.

Still, with the Nats reeling off a rather unbelieveable ten game winning streak and the Phillies suddenly winning 6 in a row and 9 of 10 themselves, the Mets, Marlins and Braves suddenly find themselves in an awkward position of chasing two teams no one gave much of a chance to. We all find it hard to believe that the Nats will keep winning at this same pace although the Phillies, who have underachieved for two or three years running, are more worrisome as a team.


Fortunately, they have a night to cool their heels and travel. Hopefully the next bit of fortune for the Mets will be the timely series against the lowly likes of the A's and the Mariners, even if they have to travel to the West Coast to do it.

Personally, I'm glad the Mets are finally going out on the West Coast. This homestand has exhausted me with so many games starting at midnight or 1 am here and it will be nice for a change, for starting times to begin at a more reasonable 4 in the morning.

Tom Glavine, LHP (4-5, 4.56) will start the opener against unspectacular Joe Blanton, RHP (1-6, 6.13).


And if you haven't heard the news, Shea Might Finally Be Shoved making way for some Met-financed retractable roof wonder which will make us forever forget one of the league's most hideous All Time stadiums.

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