One In The Loser's Bin, One Keeper: Mets Split TwiNight

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You might say that Ishii deserved this loss (even though it is the other Kaz pictured walking back dejectedly from another strikeout). 6th inning, down 2-1, two outs, men on second and third and Yorvit Torrealba is intentionally and sensibly walked to load the bases for Giants pitcher Brett Tomko. Actually, Tomko was hitting .160 up to that point, not bad for a pitcher, Mientkiewicz numbers. But with the bases loaded and the game on the line, it's Ishii's job to do the business, get the bloody pitcher out and end the inning. Instead, Tomko hits a three run double off of Ishii, suddenly it's 5-1 and the game is lost. Ishii's ERA is up to 5.14 so it's safe to say, not every starter in this rotation is a star right now.

The Mets tried to make it a game in the bottom of the 9th with Cub reject LaTroy Hawkins waddling in from the bullpen after Mientkiewicz's lead off double. Victor Diaz singled him to third and then Chris Woodward singled to make it 6-2, men on first and third, still none out, bye bye LaTroy.

Jose Reyes then manages to knock Diaz home on fielder's choice grounder to the middle of the infield. Mike Cameron strikes out swinging for the second out before Carlos Beltran singles to send Reyes to third. Chances are still alive but unfortunately, it's Mike Piazza to the plate. Ground out. End of game. Rally snuffed, Mets winning streak halted.

PS: Unlike some, I am not going to weave ebullientic about Ishii's skills at the plate. When he gets two hits AND throws a couple game shutout, I'll be wowed. Until then, let's leave the hitting to hitters and focus on not giving UP hits. (Ishii gave up 10 last night in 6 1/3 innings and a 10-2 ration is just not what we're looking for.)


Carlos Beltran put us on notice straight away that this wasn't going to be a team getting swept in their first doubleheader of the season when he reached up to rob Michael Tucker of a homerun for the first out of the game.

It more than made up for his strange sort-of misplay of Grissom's fly ball with his torn right quadriceps in the 6th inning of Game One and was the first pin-pop of the balloon of Giant hopes of winning this series.

From there, Mets hitters and Kris Benson did the rest. 13 hits, 12 runs, two homers by Cliff Floyd, one by Victor Diaz and another by David Wright were more than sufficient to break the Giants' spirit (and oooh, weren't you thinking to yourself when the Mets went up 9-1 in the 5th inning, "I wish Maddog Russo were here so he could take another kick of derision at his wretched Giants" and then, like me, gave pause and thought, naaah, watching the Giants lose 162 in a row wouldn't be worth an hour of listening to that hysterical little muppet prattle on...).

Yes, David Wright managed his second error of the day in Game Two to tie him for inefficiency with the Phillies David Bell and it is a bit worrisome that he's still managed to help blow more games with his fielding than he's won with his bat.

But more importantly, Kris Benson who had a double himself to go along with a bases-loaded walk, threw 7 innings of 3 hit ball and lowered his ERA to 3.74 in earning his 4th win of the season.

So the Mets took the series, their third series victory in a row, have earned a night off and then move on to face the lowly Astros who will not have Clemens pitching for them in this series. They've won 7 of their last 10 games and are a game behind the (are you ready for this?!) the Washington Nats for first place in the NL East.


Coming up against the Astros on Tuesday night, Roy Oswalt, RHP (6-6, 3.06) faces El Pedro in Game One of a three game series. Zambrano gets a favourable matchup the following night against Brandon Backe, RHP (5-3, 4.54). Each of Backe's three losses this year have come on the road.

To close it out on Thursday night, Andy Pettitte, LHP (3-6, 3.47) faces what we all hope is the new and improved Tom Glavine of old.


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