Metsomnia, New Lows in Hitting

Pedro's face says it all:

I'm not going to say much about this. 8th loss in 10 games. Pedro's first-ever loss to Seattle. Second straight less-than-stellar outing, this time outdueled by Ryan Effin Franklin who was without a win since May 8th. Are you kidding me? New low point of the season. Is this the Mets guide on How To Make Crap Pitchers Shine Like Stars?

You might have thought it was a good omen that Richie Sexson got tossed in the 1st innning and was followed shortly thereafter by Mike Hargrove but it appeared to have about as much effect as moving Reyes out of the leadoff spot for Marlon Anderson.

How do you spell desperation? M-a-r-l-o-n A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n batting leadoff.

Or perhaps David Wright's mad dash for third from first base on Doug Mientkiewicz's shocking single. Tossed out, rally killed, inning over, Piazza's run deleted.

17 straight scoreless innings until Wright's redeeming triple in the 7th scored Brian Daubach. Wright also made the play of the game with a spectacular leaping dive into the stands to catch a foul ball and get Pedro out of his apocalyptic 4th inning when the Mariners scored all their runs.

2 games under .500 for the first time since April 30th at 11-13.

Sinking deeper, you are getting very sleepy.


Tonight Tom Glavine takes another stab. Does it matter who the Mariners start if the Mets hitting slump refuses to wane?

Thanks to a second straight loss by the Nationals, the Mets remain firmly entrenched in the NL East cellar, 6 games out of first but when you think about it, the way they've been hitting, they could be another galaxy away from first place - can you imagine, right now anyway, a more ridiculous thought than the Mets battling for first?

Perhaps in hitting this rock-bottom sort of funk the Mets will magically rediscover themselves, start to hit and this will all seem like some food-induced nightmare that will be over once we wake up and it isn't the West Coast any longer.

But that's the rub. We don't even know if this is the worst already or if there will be even worse to come.

Stay tuned, kids. For an encore, maybe they'll get no-hit tonight.

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