One Idiocy Begets Another, Welcome to 2009

Still pondering whether or not this is a joke:

Mets new uni "patch" to commerate the mockery of the franchise...

Frighteningly similar to

Domino's Pizza logo.

Well, well. The Chimps in the Mets marketing department should be congratulated for their consistency. This is what a little less than a year after that idiotic theme song which turned out to be an Rick Astley internet hoax.

No one ever bothered to listen to my theme song.

But really, rubbish logo, rubbish songs, choking dog team, what a laughable combination.

But wait, it gets worse!

According to this reliable source, with the Braves so desperate, they've offered the 35 year old Derek Lowe a four year $60 million contract leaving the Mets to slop up the messes of the likes of Oliver Perez for another excruciating three year period.

Of course, nothing's official yet. Maybe it's all another internet hoax.


jdon said...

"Breathe deep the gathering gloom..."

I know you are thrilled about this, Jaap. Our rotation actually kinda sucks. Santana, Pelfrey (who hasn't proven anything yet), Maine (who also has not proven anything yet), and Ollie Oop, who I am sure will bust his tail in the FIRST year of a contract. And if Omar lowballs him and he has to take it, you don't think he will sulk a bit, do you?

Jaap said...

woa, jdon, breakin out the Moody Blues and it ent even Spring Training yet! Bravo. I'm taking special evening classes to control my gag reflex regarding the rotation. it could be worse though. Omar could have said he was quite happy assigning the closer role to Ayala permanently.

jdon said...

Ayala plans to pitch from the left side this year. Last year we needed a closer. This year we need another lefty setup guy.