Da Wolf v Dr Jekyll and Mr Perez

So the Braves have given Derek Lowe another year but only $4 million more on a deal to get him. $4 million more. You have to wonder why the Mets didn't up their offer without increasing the length of the deal. Could it be because Omar is infatuated with Oliver Perez despite Olly's hair-pullingly frustrating penchant for lapses in concentration and focus? That Omar, despite his offseason moves, deep down loves to confound and demoralise Met supporters with puzzling moves?

Can't speak for his motivations other than well, he likes Olly. Wants to make him a cabana boy for Yacht Club of September Choke and give him scads of cash and years to blow it in.

But if he wasn't willing to part with enough beans to sign Lowe leaving Olly as the de facto favourite, why isn't auld Randy Wolf getting a closer look?

Their numbers were nearly identical last season.

Wolf had two more victories in one less start despite a 0.08 higher ERA. Wolf had a FAR better walk to strikeout ratio (are you surprised?) threw a third fewer wild pitches (again, are you surprised?) and gave up nearly two hits more per nine innings.

They're both lefties, so the effect on the rotation is nil.

Wolf will be 33 this summer, Perez only 28. Oddly, their birthdays are only a week apart.

Wolf has started about 24 games a season for 9 seasons. Perez, nearly 22 so durability is even.

We know Olly shows up against the Phillies and in particular, against the Braves so there's something to be said for that.

Over the last three years, Wolf is 0-2 in 6 starts against the Braves with an 8.10 ERA. He's only started once against the Phillies in three years (held out due to pitching against former mates?) and did reasonable.

Of course his 5-0 record in 7 starts against the Mets means he couldn't kill us anymore if we had him. (Would Olly kill us? Well, he ent going to the Braves or Marlins and probably not to the Phillies so basically, who cares…)

Wolf spent 8 seasons with the Phillies so he must know something about them worthwhile.

Of course, the intagibles are that Wolf isn't renowned for losing his rag inexplicably and self-destructing for the entertainment of opponents.

If we sign Perez, we should also sign another pitcher to take his place in the rotation whenever the Mets are facing what are deemed to be inferior teams that Olly certainly won't bother to motivate himself for.

Perez has potential, Wolf is Wolf, you know what you're getting; middle of the road nowhere man.

On the one hand, I'd hate to have to endure another long season of Olly miscues but on the other hand, the price seems more reasonable and who knows, at some point Olly might actually catch fire and then we'll all be kicking ourselves down the road for not signing him. That's the threat. Wolf will never catch fire the rest of his career, you can bank on it.

So reluctantly, yes, I'm considering the Mets might be better off, (pukepuke in the pail) re-signing Olly on the potential upside alone and we'll all just have to stomach the heartaches he will no doubt bring along with him.


Meanwhile, if you haven't had your Madness Quota for the day, how about Mets affiliate the Brooklyn Cyclones changing their name to "Baracklyn Cyclones"? Ok, it's only on June 23 but hey, they're giving away Barack Obama bobbleheads to the first 2,500 fans. Can someone grab me one on the day of?

PS - apparently only 89 days til the Home Opener. Woop.


jdon said...

It is not confusing. Omar is stubborn and stupid. But stupid people usually are stubborn. If Ollie comes back then we have Redding, Maine and Ollie, all 5-6 inning starters. Wolf does not go much further. We need at least 3 guys to average close to 7innings. What about Garland? He is durable. Sheets is good but unpredictable health-wise. He would be a huge upgrade when healthy. But he could be just like El Duque. Never there when you need him. One thing is sure: his price has to be coming down.

Jaap said...

3 guys to go an average of 7 innings? who has that any more??Sheets is a big risk. 2 year contract, maybe, but he spends more time injured than healthy, we've had enough of that, haven't we? the What If he were healthy....

jdon said...

sheets almost made it thru a full year this year. the way ollie pitches, he might as well be injured. I know that I feel pains in my joints and my head after watching him.