One Japanese Washout In, One Japanese Washout Out

Ahh, so that's what it means to be a Met supporter in these fading days of the baseball winter: scanning the back pages of the bloody Asahi Shimbum looking for warm bodies.

Yes, it's true. Kaz Ishii has finally taken the hint that he's no business pitching in the Major Leagues, especially not when there's so much good home cookin' he can consume to build up his stamina for the World Baseball Gimmick and pitch his way back to Double A ball in some sweaty southwest cowpoke outpost.

I'm happy for Mr Ishii and wish the other Kaz Man would join him swimming across the Pacific back home where he can pad his stats in the waning years.

Now, in his place we have the inexplicable signing of yet another what the fuck is HE doing here in a Mets uniform miserable sort of non-prospect like Yusaku Iriki.


Offseason report: starting catcher who can throw to second base in less than four hops? Check. Dominating fireballing closer signed off our own division rivals? Check. Power hitting, first base playing, no Anthem standing Puerto Rican love machine to fill in meat of the order? Check.

Useless Japanese retread hurler without a prayer of success in the Major Leagues but a demon hair-do from hell to fill out our pitching staff? Check.

I cant' say this makes my heart go all a'flutter.

Another reason that the traditional No Ishii Sashimi Night at Shea this summer will be an utter sellout.

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