Welcome Back To Reality, Winning Streak Ends In DH Split

Yeah, I'll admit it. After the Mets won their 5th in a row, battering the Rockies by a 7-0 margin with a lineup that included the likes of not only Alex Cora but Angel Pagan, Scott Sullivan AND Angel Berroa, I allowed myself a modicum of optimism.

Flawless, for a start.

I started getting so drunk with optimism that I'll admit again, I thought gee, maybe now D'oh!-Mar could finish his apologies in time to find a brain in Oz and figure out a way to dupe Indians GM Mark Shapiro into taking F-Mart, Bobby Parnell, Omir Santos and a combination of nobodies who will never amount to nothing for V-Mart.

Angel Prays To The Ump

For one because I want to see the back of F-Mart as soon as possible. If he has any value left now that his 5-tool myth and his flower-like fragility have been exposed once and for all, that is. And for the other because after looking at the batting order Thursday afternoon it's painfully apparent, even if they can somehow manage a 5-run outburst in one inning, that the batting order as current twig-hitters Jerry currently has to choose from, would struggle against Triple AAA pitching let alone MLB pitching in the heat of a wild-card race. They NEED V-Mart like, to quote America, a flower needs the rain. (Yes, I know, nauseating, sickening, you're all retching and puking now at the mere mention of America but it could have been much, much worse, I could have looked for a Bread song to quote, so be grateful, like the Mets, that you've still got David Wright standing, the last regular Met superstar to survive this season even if he will likely reach 100 Ks before he reaches 400 ABs)

Anyway, this has all gone terribly off track. What I meant to say, simply, was that after the 7-0 victory, run support for Santana, Scott Sullivan hitting an RBI single for crissakes, miracle of miracles and even Tim Redding throwing a scoreless inning, so pathetic are these Rockies, that I thought for the splittest of seconds, well, why NOT the Mets going on some absurdist 14 game winning streak into August and inching closer to the top of the Wild Card standings.

And I say Wild Card standings because we all know realistically the Phillies are NOT the Mets and are not going to blow a 10 1/2 game lead, even with two months remaining and especially because four Blue Claws helped them land Cliff Lee - (now there would be the title to a great Phillies Pholk Song if you were a Phillies Phan and you had more than say, two braincells and actually knew how to write and didn't regard a pen as a weapon to stab people with in 7-11 hold-ups...)

Anyway, forget I mentioned anything.

Because more predictable even than Big Papi on drugs, the Mets couldn't finish off the Rockies and the sweep.

(For five innings, money but thereafter, just trying to avoid disaster - you think it was just fatigue or can this guy become trade bait before it's too late?)

They couldn't finish them off even though F-Tat (yes, everyone's bloody name is going to get little military abbreviations from now on because it's the new fad) made that great diving catch in the 7th and then homered in the bottom of the inning for emphasis. They couldn't finish them off even after holding those meagre Rockies scoreless for 27 innings. (27 scoreless innings, isn't that something you'd expect from the Mets? But then again, the Rockies batting order is built much like the Mets'; one MLB hitter and a long stretch of banjo hitters, career .242 hitters, that sort...)

What's worse than getting on base rarely only to gaffe on the base paths once you get there?

Maybe they should be sellers instead of buyers after all, unless Mr Masochist, you believe the one loss is the aberration rather than the five game winning streak.

Or perhaps you're just delusional with excitement now that you've had a chance to download the Arctic Monkeys new CD.

Who knows?

But whatever it is, enjoy the memory of that five game winning streak because it's probably the last realistic moment of pleasure you will have this season.

You can start thinking about 2010 when D'oh-Mar signs Delgado and Hillbilly Wagner to a three year extension because they both made it back before the end of the season. (Isn't it mad that Wagner is going to make it back to the Mets before ANY of the others?)

Oh but for a month of Colorado Rockies.

But wake up, cherry. D'oh-Mar is too engaged in battling his personal stupidities to make a trade and the Mets will close out July hosting the D'backs. Not exactly the recipe to success we were looking for.

And before I forget, just one more thing: can the Mets take down that stupid "Inaugural Season" wall paper on their fucking MLB website already? It's nothing to be proud of. Not that it ever was, but at least, even in the face of one front office cock up after another after another, even Shitty Field starts to look almost normal by comparison. Don't forget to vote - you will note "in tatters" is now the most popular conclusion to the "How Will The Mets Season End?" poll.

Way to go, Mets.


sanchez said...

If they all get back before the end of the season it'd be great to see Omar gone and the new GM trading Reyes, Beltran and a string of the useless wanna-be's for an entirely new farm system.

jdon said...

The mets are 22-4 at home against the Rox over 26 games. Karma may indeed have played a part. But they are playing well. Can we get off the "angel pagan is a starter" schneid, please, Gary Cohen? Angel Pagan is Gary's new Endy love. He cost us two runs last night. Here is one thing I know about Angel: HE IS VERY VERY FAST. But he is not a good baserunner and he is not a primo OF. He took an egregious route to De La Rosa'S double last night, although Gary made excuses for him. He often takes crazy routes to the ball and once in a while it hurts. The rest of the time he makes up for it with really outstanding speed. He steals bases with speed, not brainpower, as he once again evidenced on the bases last night(unless somehow it was RAZOR SHINES' fault again). Gary was going on about him as a possible starter for next year the other night, then he casually mentioned that power might be an issue (ZERO HOME RUNS!!!!). But I am sick of Gary anyway. The other real stupid was David stealing third with no out. It wound up helping but it was a bad baseball play and he was out. I am so tired of stupid. Last quibble: Jerry, leave the lineup alone when you are winning. rest your catcher if you want but leave it alone. players get comfortable when things are going good. leave them that way. murphy should have been left where he is, and Tatis SHOULD NEVER BAT FIFTH----I do not care about the recent home runs. He is a DP waiting to happen. The five hole is important.

There: a compleat non-Omar-is-a-Brainless Buffoon post. I am proud of myself

Jaap said...

well done, jdon, on the omar-less post! Pagan's stupid speed is merely the replacement for Reyes' stupid speed. Think before you run! I wonder if these Mets could win the Triple AAA division Buffalo are in...

Jaap said...

dream on, sanchez.

Anonymous said...

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