Don't Look Now But That's Four In A Row

Well, after a fortnight off I returned to these Mets tonight in the midst of an improbable three game winning streak, a former Mets Killah, Jeff Francoeur in a Mets uniform, the sacking of Mets assistant GM Tony Bernazard, public apologies from The Wilpons not, as one might expect for the dysfunctional mismanagement of the Mets rather for outbursts from Omar. No less controversy, no fewer problems. Same auld Mets.

not sorry for Idiotic Management.327 with 14 RBI in 12 games since joining the Mets (while Church malingering for the Braves)Super Douche Egomaniac finally goneSuper Douche Senior may have a hard time bullshitting his way out of the latest controversy

Crikey, if these Mets aren't any good, walking wounded, fundamentally unsound all season long, mismanaged, misowned and crippled by poor planning and a mediocre farm system, these Mets certainly are interesting.

Starting this evening, the incomparable Cory Sullivan in left field with Gary Sheffield on the involuntary disabled list right after declaring himself ready to play and the invisible Jeremy Reed lost forever somewhere on the bench. Leading off and in center field, Angel Pagan has returned from the DL with his stoic and unimpressive .283 on base average while Luis Castillo hitting over .400 in July, bats second.

And of course, Sheffield, Beltran, Reyes and Delgado all still on the DL, crippling the Mets batting order.

And in case you are interested, the betting odds for each crippled Met to return this season.

As for tonight's game, with their fragile three game winning streak and the Mets clinging to a 3-0, Big Pelf induced Barmes to pop up with the bases loaded two innings in a row allowing the Mets to go into the bottom of the 6th with a lead developed by uncharacteristically good situational hitting.

You had to like Pelf's desire to go out into the 7th despite two straight innings of near-disaster and 104 pitches under his belt but would you recognise the wisdom in Jerry allowing him to? By the 115th pitch, Feliciano was being summoned from the pen with a man on second and one out.

And just like that, 9 outs later after nearly two full innings of brilliant relief by Feliciano and another by Sean Green to add insult to injury, the Mets were 4-0 victors, their 4th win in a row. Before you go start thinking that's a big accomplishment, even for the Mets, don't forget firstly that the Phillies too have won four in a row meaning the Mets haven't decreased that 10 1/2 game lead one bit but so too have the Washington Nationals, after knocking down the Brewers again. Given that the Rockies lead the NL Wildcard race, the only realistic prayer the Mets have to the post season, that margin has been reduced to a "mere" five and a half games.

And to think, SI had the Mets winning it all.


sanchez said...

don't feel too happy yet, didn't you see Francoeur get drilled in the hand by Marquis last night and how quickly the hand swelled?

If you think the Mets luck has really changed you'll know it has if they don't announce Francoeur is on the DL.

I.M. Forme said...

welcome back!

try not to miss anymore time,a lot happens around here and quickly. Next week Omar, or rather human resources, will launch an investigation of why they amputated Francouer's left arm when it was his hand that was swollen from getting hit by Marquis.

jdon said...

Two changes. Francoeur and Cory Sullivan. Hmmmm. Let me see. Who could be responsble for this turnaround? And I have to admit as much as it pains me, Castillo has been great. Trade him now.

jdon said...

I was just thinking---this fiasco has everyone, including Jeffie--talking about how bad Omar feels or the toll this has taken. There is a danger that everyone has forgotten to focus how bad a job Omar is doing? Whether evaluating personnel or running an organization. That should be the focus, not his mumbling and bumbling, although there is no place for that in a big market. He has stunk as a GM. Let us not lose sight of that.

Jaap said...

well sanchez, Mex seemed pretty convinced, based on his experience with Ron Hunt as a teammate that the swelling was no big deal and Frenchy will be ready to go tonight. Hopefully despite the lack of medical credentials, which Mr Cohen went to great pains to point out, Mex is spot on.

Jaap said...

Cheers for the welcome return Mr Forme - it is amazing how much happens to a team wallowing in a sea of seeming listlessness but hopefully Paris will still be there by the time the Mets are officially eliminated from the race (for what? First in the NL East? Wild card or First selection in next seasons amateur draft?) Almost as amazing as Reyes continued absence - is that really him they flash in the dugout now and then or is it merely a hologram?

Jaap said...

jdon - I'm surprised Sullivan is still with the team - whatever streak in Buffalo manifested itself into promotion has clearly cooled and he should be rotated back to Buffalo as soon as possible. Any clue as to why Sheff was put on the DL when he says he's ok to play? Saving him for that big September collapse perhaps?
As for Omar, he should be gone - that type of PR disaster with his rubbish record as a GM would have seen him gone anywhere else but then again, with all those great trades waiting to happen maybe they're just waiting to sack him until after the trade deadline.

Anonymous said...

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