Who Am I Rooting For This Season? Why Lolita Lopez, Of Course.

Yea, yea. It's all good and well to be thinking about Jose Reyes getting smuggled down to third in the order whilst auld Crazy Legs Castillo is slotted up to the lead off spot and Jose has to hear about it from his homeys in Dominican instead of from Jerry.

It's interesting in a pedestrian sort of way to hear JJ Putz, (which understandably, he prefers pronounced "Puts" like shot puts rather than Putz, like the derogatory noun) likes AC DC but doesn't like bagels...all this little getting to know your team sort of information that fills in all that dead time during Spring Training muscle memory training.

It's also reasonably fascinating to find out how Jerry had them out there hitting 80 breaking balls a piece to the opposite field, promoting hand/eye coordination, hand strength and taking the body out of the swing.

But so far the most interesting facet of this Spring Training coverage is the discovery of Lolita Lopez, who I spotted for the first time seated next to Castillo during an interview and then watched further, thanks to a video link from Long Island Met Fan.

Perhaps its just the exoticism of a young, female Harvard-educated bilingual sports reporter covering the Mets(whilst over here in Ingerland we're still stuck with the same dopey chimp-eared ex athlete hawking Walkers crips whilst hosting the nation's biggest football programme on the side, but I find the advent of Lolita Lopez just as fascinating as any other blurb or tidbit coming out of the Mets Spring Training so far.


katherine said...

Wow- I love her too! Harvard, no less! And she seems very fun and normal.

Why was JJ Putz looking furtively over his shoulder every 2 seconds in that interview? Was he worried about a cream pie-in-the-face attack? Uneasy with the press and looking for an escape route?

jdon said...

I am sure everyone will go the other way this year. Delgado tried to pull every pitch he saw last september instead of settling for a few singles and had a rotten month. Jose Reyes NEVER hits the ball the other way. David Wright used to hit it that way. This is Spring Training hype. Like Castillo losing 17 pounds. He will gain it back by June, even before he hits the DL. And all Jerry's blurbs about unselfishness will be forgotten. Zebras never change their spots, nor Tigers their stripes. I am still trying to figure out who can finish second. The Mets might just get their by default.

Jaap said...

katherine, yeah, I noticed that about JJ as well - maybe he's just eager to get out there throwing pitches. Or maybe just the thought of Ray's Pizza was making his head spin.

Jaap said...

wonderful, jdon, a little Spring Training cynicism to sprinkle on the wild-eyed enthusiasms of the blind.
I've got to say, I find it hard to believe Castillo can gain 17 pounds between now and June. I mean, provided he's playing and isn't crippled and creaking around on his Fred Sanford knees.
Yes, Spring Training hype perhaps all of it just leading up to another crushing September disappointment. But whilst zebras may never change their stripes, (zebras with spots, what have you been smoking, mate?) you might want to have a look at the new breeding philosophies which will create half zebra, half donkey hybrids, like zonkeys, who will NOT have stripes to change - so see what that says about Spring Training cliches...

jdon said...

just wanted to see if people were really paying attention to my posts.