Ready To Sup On A Splash of The Castillo Kool-Aid?

Yes, kids, I know, it's only the fledgling days of Spring Training and we shouldn't be getting our metaphorical panties in a bunch just yet with excitement about the potential rejuvenation of Luis Castillo but if you watch, you almost can't help but get excited:

Now, what you want to be aware of, in addition to the gimp knees, is that Castillo has gone to the trouble of LOSING 17 POUNDS from last season.

Sure, you might say, wtf, when you're as fat as Luis Castillo was last season, losing 30 pounds would barely register, but the pernt is of course that he's trying to show us his commitment. He even appears to be wide awake. Mostly.

Hell, I don't want to spend all season making Castillo jokes, I really don't. I'd like to be writing about him being the Comeback Player of the Year, and because it's early well, we can always dream.

And speaking of infields, if in fact I was speaking rather than only referring to them subliminally, you might want to have a gander at this review of the Infields of the NL East.

My only crits are that it doesn't hate the Braves and Phillies anywhere near enough to be credible, doesn't spew enough bile on a douchebag like Uggla, yet manages to confess a hatred of Reyes, for what is grudgingly accepted as the obvious reasons and of Wright for being good (nothing as refreshing as a good bias) and that whilst it does comment on fielding, the stats are purely offence-based. Given the impact a good infield defence has on pitching (particular pitchers prone to inducing grounders rather than fly balls) and ultimately, team performance (just look at Tampa two years ago versus last season) perhaps equal weight could be or should have been given statistically. Then again, no one is ever going to confuse me with a Sabermetrics guru or stat head so as it is, the review is sufficient for a quick overview.

What is unacceptable however is the current 74%-8% lead the Phillies infield has over the Mets infield as being the best in the NL East so if you're going to bother to follow the link, make sure you vote often to swing the influence back to where it belongs!

In any event, the upswing, as always, is just be glad you're not a NatFan.


A novel approach to the destruction of Shea is a hypothetical conversation between Shea and Bankrupt Park. Nice one.


Lastly, if you're interested in what the other muppets in our division are up to, I've posted a little update over here.


GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the link bro. I hate the Mets, but I don't hate you.

Jaap said...

Mutual, mate. No worries - look forward to more articles from you.

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