Hell and Damnation


Bye Bye

1. Glavine (times up)
2. El Duque (2 consecutive seasons unavailable as a starter for precisely the time of year he was obtained for. times up)
3. Castillo (those knees are just too beaten to last another full season, not worth another contract)
4. Lo Duca (passion only goes so far)
5. Guillermo Mota (no need to explain)
6. Shawn Green (one of the best hitters towards the end of the season but a defensive liability and simply not worth an extension)
7. Schoeneweiss (don't let the door hit you on the way out)
8. Aaron Sele (ditto)
9. Willie (Joe Girardi)
10. Rickey (fired from a cannon)
11. Billy Wagner - (let's face it, he'll never win the big one, historically not as bad as Armandogeddon but he is an Armandogeddon waiting to happen - are you comfortable with him closing Game 7 if we were ever to get there?)


1 Wright (the backbone)
2 Reyes (needs his head straightened)
3. Beltran (can't argue with his numbers but the passion?)
4. Endy Chavez (hopefully injury-free)
5. Maine (number two behind Pedro - once he's ready for a full season and overcoming those mental lapses)
6. Heilman (give him a chance to start in the Spring and if he can't do it, get rid of him)
7. Oliver Perez (same as Maine - needs to learn to pitch 7 strong innings twice in a row)
8. Jorge Sosa (versatility a plus)
9. Ruben Gotay (shouldn't have lost his spot to Castillo)
10.Ramon Castro (good backup but don't make him the starter)
11.Mike Pelfrey (another year to prove himself but that's it)
12.Pedro Feliciano
13.Joe Smith
14.Pedro (ride him hard his last year or two...)
15.Phillip Humber (same as Pelfrey only a little more time...)
16. Moises Alou (worth half a season's salary)
17. Lastings (with the right manager to control him if there is such a manager)
18. Rick Peterson (you don't go from a genius to an idiot that fast - I'd give him another year to prove himself...)


I didn't keep the in-game blog for very long as you can tell from below. I won't belabour the aburdity of Sunday's first inning but I will leave my opening thoughts there, like the piece of a monument remaining from an explosion.


Pregame Thoughts...probably the worst pitcher the Mets would have to face today - D Train is 5-0 with a 2.70 ERA at Shea.

Imagine back to when the Mets signed Glavine back in 2002 and whether or not you'd have imagined four years later, at 41, Glavine is starting Game 162 of the season, season on the line.


Marlins First - No opening pitch beanball to Hanley Ramirez for being quoted as saying Fuck the Mets after yesterday's game. Of course, it isn't football - there won't be any forearm shiver paybacks but this will definately be an emotional game for both sides. The Marlins claim to be on a mission. The Mets, merely trying to preserve their season.

Shit - Uggla is the first to score after Cabrera's RBI single. Glavine and the Mets in an early 1-0 hole. Falling behind early is not the formula for winning this game and Glavine appears to have early trouble locating with the change up.

Nats and Phillies are preparing to start in 15 minutes.

And here comes more trouble, two runs score, one big disaster after another and the Marlins jump to a 4-0 lead.

Is this for real? Double, two runs batted in, Glavine throwing the ball away to allow another run on the heels of Castro having already dropped a ball....What the hell. Quick way to deflate this game.


kyle in newport news said...

Oh the way young David played
Moises Alou's hit parade
Gee our old Jose ran great
Those were the days...

Thanks for writing again this season. Even if I don't follow the team next season, I'll probably still read you and Metstradamus... which is more or less how I've been following the team. So I'll be following the team but that will be a side effect rather than the intent.

Peace to you and yours in the offseason.

Jaap said...

Thanks, Kyle, as always, your reading has been appreciated. A pity it had to end so early but I think we all need to wash our mouths of this bitterest of experiences...

sanchez said...

I have many comments to make about the season and The Collapse but the last 24 hour session of projectile vomitting has weakened me too much to be able to type more than these few words at the moment.

If the Mets carry on, business as usual, if there isn't a major blood-letting or coup, I simply can't stomach watching them again. I'll have to move to Canada and start sitting around waiting for the hockey season to start or something....

upstate met fan said...

I almost feel like I wrote the Stay and Bye Bye bit. Good job. I was pulling for someone to have the balls and fire willie.. too many dumb moves in mind...but now that he's back, well, Willie better do a hell of a job. Until then, may the force be with him.

I wanna see less celebrating with the frigging handshakes and crap like that until we win a world series. I wanna see professionals on the field.

let's see is Willie can take care of that in 2008.

Jaap said...

hey upstate met fan - I agree - less style and more substance. Guess if they're going to keep Willie it's better to decide that now rather than let him hang for much longer. Not sure I agree with it but fuck it, there you go. Omar and Willie are both on what is essentially, one year renewable contracts until or unless they win the world series.

Itsmetsforme said...

i think heilman is tradable, depending on what omar can get to replace him. im tired of his sourpuss. Lo duca goes IF Omar can find a young catcher; sounds like Pudge and his new smaller body are staying put.

Here's to a great season of posts here on my brother blog. And thanks for all the birds. Maybe next year we can try cross promotions, giving away toys and games to kids in every hamburger box.

Anonymous said...

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