You Can't Win Them All

Exhaustion gets us all.

I for one, up until 4 in the morning watching the rare live appearance of the Mets on UK television, am too tired to even bother constructing a pathetic "clipped" word play headline relating to some heretofore no-name now going by the name of Tyler Clippard.

"Hopefully it will carry over," manager Joe Torre said about the rare Yankee success, grasping at straws in the postgame lockerroom.

Hopefully WHAT will carry over, Joe? Losing two out of three to your arch rivals?

Yes, it'd have been nice to sweep the Yankees. But let's be realistic here. What are the chances the Mets would sweep the Yankees AND the Braves, back to back?

I'm betting on slim and so what this loss means is that there's still a good chance of sweeping the Braves, who are currently on a 2-6 tailspin to reality since the 13th of the month. How's that for spin?

What is hard to spin is John Maine's pitching this month. Just after winning Pitcher of the Month for April he's been pitching, well, basically like crap. In fact, in his last three starts, Maine is 0-2 with a 6.19 ERA and 12 walks in 16 innings. That's not even pitching like crap. It's pitching like...second hand flatulence.

Consolation in another moon shot. May is Maine's April and vice versa...

As for Clippard, how would you like to have all these creepy douchebags invading your comment space vainly and pathetically endeavouring to latch onto your new found fame?

We won't dwell on the law of averages catching up on the Subway Series. The Braves are coming to town...


Itsmetsforme said...

warning: this post contains vaguely sexist diatribes:

i dont know what's sadder, the fact that bostons "comedian" and punchline Dane Cook has to stalk rookie yanker pitchers on myspace
...or the alien bimbo who writes:

"hey guys whats up?
well my friend just started a flip flop company
you should add her and check them out there
awesome =]
so please add her



all his hoodrats have boys names. if thats the kind of ass even an ugly major leaguer gets...

sanchez said...

yeah, I was wondering why Dane Cook was bothering to follow some minor league pitcher - must be he's so hard up for publicity...

by the way, I hope you meant the braves are coming to town in a figurative, rather than literal way since they are playing in hooch and turner field.