"There is a reason the guy has got 150 saves and 200 wins"

No loss is a good loss. Especially not to the Braves. Especially especially not when it's your ace against their ace, two modern quasi-pitching legends dueling it out whilst innocent batters stand by, helpless. And most super duper especially not when it means you've lost your third straight series to your biggest division rivals.

The story of the Glavine career with the Mets. Good but not better than Smoltz.

David Wright, the erstwhile cornerpiece, (the co-happy face of the franchise along with Jose Reyes), and the author of the phrase "There is a reason the guy has got 150 saves and 200 wins now," struck out three times. Once with the bases loaded which was followed by an impressive bat and helmet throwing tantrum.

Reyes of course, 3 for his last 23, popped up to end the game with two men left lingering on base. And that wasn't even against Smoltz. That was against Flubber Wickman who looked like he might just eat the ball, the infield and half the stadium of fans if he didn't get off the mound and back to his buffet table soon.

And of course for Tom Glavine, 11th loss in 18 starts against the Braves, showing opening game loser Jorge Sosa a thing or two about pitching against your former team.

Glavine can hardly be blamed. Whilst Smoltz was getting his 200th victory to go with his 150 saves, Glavine was watching his potential win number 296 slip through his fingers but the Mets, me boys, the Mets were LOSING for the 6th time in 9 tries against these Braves.

Yeah, but where's his hair?


Meanwhile, was that our future ace taunting the Phillies last night?

That doesn't even considering Marlins lefty Scott Olsen, who last year said he hated the Phillies because they dominated the Marlins, and he angrily screamed at Philadelphia's Chase Utley from the mound after walking him Tuesday.

Funny, the Mets are dominated by the Braves and yet that sort of anger, that sort of fire, that sort of indignation of being beaten time and time again by the same team doesn't appear to exist in the Mets.

Maybe someone needs to start a bench-clearing brawl the next time the Mets and Braves face each other. Maybe losing meekly isn't such a pretty thing after all.


sanchez said...

It really sucks seeing the Mets lose another effing series to the Braves. We won't hold the lead in the East for very long even we can't even beat these losers.

Jaap said...

In theory anyway, we could lose every series we have left with the Braves and still win the NL East. It would probably seem a rather hollow victory though. And this Braves thing, a self-perpetuating myth. So I'd say we'd better start beating them or we'll end up having to listen to those TomaCunt Tossers prattle on for another season about how much better they are than us...