Nothing Shocking - Pelfrey's Pitching Is Ponderous

Ok already for crissakes, we get it. Or at least we thought we did.

Sweet jesus, loading the bases in the first inning by hitting a batsman and walking a pair, then letting those runners free with a Josh Willingham triple. And just like that, 3-0 and who amongst you was cautioning your mates, hand held up to quiet the cacophony of catcalls and verbal abuse, with the admonition that there were better moments to come for Mike Pelfrey.

Not Ready For Prime Time Pelfrey?

Yeah right. Whodda thunk it after that nearly-apocalyptic beginning, that ominous wave of nausea washing over us, that Pelfrey would then regain his pitching consciousness and instead of a complete meltdown like he so performed in such succinct yet vile fashion against the Rockies just last week, this new and improved Pelfrey would move on to keep all but three of the next 20 batters he faced from reaching base?

Not I. If mere invectives were torrents of polonium 210, Pelfrey would be withering away in a local hospital at this moment, hair falling out, arterial lesions, da woyks.

But that recovery, that sudden stabilisation was enough to give even the most silent of critics some hope..."He showed me something," Doctor Willo (see below) allowed himself to mumble with his jazzy deejay voice. "I think maybe tonight he learned that sometimes taking your foot off the accelerator a little bit is going to be better."

Well unfortunately, the moral of this story is beyond the potential blossoming of a fragile pitching ego for despite this encouraging news the Mets still lost a game to the Florida Marlins.

Worse still, they lost a game to the likes of Ricky Nolasco who is only just off the disabled list yet somehow in his weakened state managed to allow just one run and six hits in five innings for the Marlins.

To put this in proper perspective, Nolasco was 0-3 with a 19.73 ERA in four previous appearances against New York.

And ok, maybe the Braves also lost, somehow managed the impossible against the Phillies and thus their NL East lead is no larger despite the Mets loss but whilst this is briefly gratifying (oh but if only BOTH the Phillies and Braves could play each other and lose, yea gods of astrophysics!) it does not dispel the reality of losing to the likes of the Marlins and worse still, Nolasco.

And yes, David Wright our prodigy turned street urchin appears for a night at least to have regained his batting oompf slotted in the second hole in the batting order and poking three hits, including a double and his first homer of this rapidly ageing season. Good news indeed.

Reyes out at home and three Ks on the evening...

But agression on the basepaths, let's a nixed double steal in the first inning. And better still - hang on, Carlos Delgado getting thrown out at the plate trying to score, get this, from first base!

You did what?

Ah, but even if the goats were herded into the stalls by nightfall, we still have good ole Aaron Heilman to kick around.

Whilst Pelfrey is showing promise there is Heilman doing what he appears to do best, like giving up a two-run homer to blow the game open just when the Mets were clinging desperately to hope.

Ok, Donkey Boy. You're no Chan Ho No but you're moving close on the Richter Scale to being a Bullpen Abscess


Further to the Wierd Willie reference you will note that Randolph will be the keynote speaker at Fordham's commencement ceremony on May 19. He also will receive an honorary doctorate of humane letters. "Just call me Doc, Doctor Willo," a grinning Doctor Willo is alleged to have said.

So, that's two losses in a row to the Marlins and to avoid the sweep the Mets will offer the oft dodgy Oliver Perez, with two consecutive non-disasters under his belt - meaning of course, disaster awaits - to face Anibal Sanchez. In 26 2/3 innings this season, the 23-year-old has struck out 13 and walked 15 thus the key word from Doctor Willo to Mets batsman should be patience.


Diablo said...

Heilman sucks, man. He should be put in a cage at Shea where we can throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at him.

sanchez said...

Starting pitching is starting to kill us - if Olly Perez doesn't pull one out we'll be swept by the Marlins. The Marlins!