Easely Does It (Again) - Mets Snake Past D'Backs 9-4

Nine days ago the replacement second baseman Damion Easely cracked a 10th inning homer against the Rockies to tie the score and prevent a loss. You get signed in November from the Diamondbacks as a backup infielder and you probably believe, well, two homers in April as a backup and that's probably my year right there, right?


Unexpected success

Last night his three-run shot in the 9th put the Mets ahead against a surprisingly stodgy Diamondback squad and for a night anyway, back up into first, albeit tied with the Braves and albeit only in light of the Braves having been idle last night but tied for first nonetheless.

For the 3rd game in a row, Tom Glavine failed to reach career win number 294. You can put most of that down to bad luck or a dodgy bullpen but last night was not his finest. Pouring insult upon injury guess who got the win instead?

Aaron Heilman, number one punching bag out of the bullpen.

Now it says alot about the quality of the Mets bullpen that a guy with a 3.75 ERA is the worst they've got. Perhaps it only seems like he melts down every other time he's out there. But no, if you look at his last five outings leading up to last night he'd given up 7 hit and 6 runs over 6 1/3 innings. Granted, 3 of those runs were unearned but so were his paychecks.

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