I'll Start With...

What's that greyish matter in the middle of that pan Babu is eyeing? Intestine? The Chef's vomit? A giant worm?

In certain circles they are alleging that the Number Five spot in the rotation is down to Park or The Pelfrey. Not to be confused with bats in the belfry.

"He was especially charmed with the phrase 'bats in the belfry', and would indubitably substitute it for 'possessed of a devil', the Scriptural diagnosis of insanity."

Oh yes lads, this will be one meandering post today which I will try over and over to reign back to the topic at hand, i.e. The Rotation.

The first thing I think is hang on, let's not get ahead of ourselves - 5th starter? Who are the others? Glavine, five shutout innings yesterday against the Marlins, sure. El Duque is a muscle injury waiting to happen. John Maine, yes, whilst the auld boy Mr Anna Benson is out for the year with shoulder surgery, the sly move by Omar is still paying dividends. And hey, where's Aaron Sele>

The Mets won't need a 5th starter until April 16th. What's the rush to worry?

But then, what are we saying Oliver Perez is number four? Based upon striking out David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez twice each in Spring Training? What happens when he walks 6 in his next outing? Does the number 5 candidate move up another rung? Is he back to his 2004 Pirates form? He had a 2.98 ERA with the Pirates that year. Imagine with a good bullpen behind him and the Mets mighty batters to bail him out and that kind of ERA, why we could get starry eyed and imagine Perez winning 20.

Ah, spring. Time for dreaming.

But back to Number 5. Who is preferred, Mr Chan Ho or Pelfrey? Is this a process of elimination, pick of the litter or worse case scenario?

Pelfry has a smart 1.00 ERA over 9 Spring Innings, spring innings being of course, no indication of reality.

Park, a 7.11 ERA.

What competition?

I believe this Mets rotation is going to be a constant nip and tuck between inconsistency, injury and moments of bedazzlement and that trying to project the Number 5 starter is as pointless as trying to find Scott Boras' agent fees in Gary Sheffield's stools.

Pointless Stat Trail

Jose Reyes leads the team in homers this Spring and is hitting .375. That batting average by the way, is higher than the combined batting average of Moises Alou (.179) and Lo Duca (.174). He's had only two strikeouts in 40 at bats. 4 walks and 7 stolen bases already. Is he hinting at heights? The next superstar? Boy, are we lucky he finally got his hammies sorted out.

Can we give up on Anderson Hernandez yet?


"To a pitcher, a base hit is negative feedback." - Plato John Maine

"There are so many players out there who are better than me talent-wise, but I like to think I'll outwork all of them." - Duaner Sanchez David Wright


Oh yeah, almost forgot:


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that woman in the dream photo, wow. do you realise one of her breasts would probably take up all the space in that guy's open arms? Imagine that, a giant, perfectly formed breast. Is this St Patrick's Day or Christmas?

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