The Enemy Has Reloaded


Newest Philly OR,

Baba Sheikh Farid Shakarganj?

There we were debating the merits of underbidding the Texas Rangers for Barry Zito, there we were discussing selling New York and the Mets rather than the greenbacks in some inexplicable dialogue of economic theory in the sky.

There we were debasing the Zito Chase by listening to the hints and whispers about trading for his soon-to-be former teammates, guys Omar classified as “Some guys have emerged who I didn’t know were available until I got here.” (hint: the injury-prone flame thrower Rich Harden and Joe Blanton) and there we were listening to the encouragement of Beaneball who nods willingly at the rumours and asks, like a corner street hooker to be approached about both.

And all the while, in the smoking rooms of Philly steak and cheese sweatshops all around the City of Brotherly Love, a sneaking little satori was taking place.

The Phillies done stole Freddy Garcia from the White Sox. The unofficial rumour of only a day ago was that it would take Gavin Floyd AND Aaron Rowand to pry Garcia from the clammy hands of the White Sox management.

Well, "stole" is a bit of hyperbolic nonsense considering they still coughed up their boy band Cy Young hopeful, Gavin Floyd in return but let's face it - was anyone really going to hang their pennant-hoping hats on a kid with potential and verve but no concrete results? Personally, I wasn't going to worry myself about Gavin Floyd this season. I didn't even have that penciled in as a concern.

But Freddy Garcia, well, that makes one sit up and take notice.

These means the Phillies aren't looking to wait for the future but are ready to party now.

This comes on the heels of the not-so-scary Adam Eaton signing and gives the Phillies six potential starters which means one of the duds might become expendable in a pitching-starved market for some decent bullpen help in return or a bat to slap behind the monsterous MVP, Ryan Howard.

Oh, they're yucking it up in Philly at the moment, you can be sure. Ambiorix Burgos, you can hear them chortle. By god, what will those Mets think of next?

The interesting sidebar to the winter meetings: two heralded GMs going mano a mano: the wiley youth of Hermano Omar v. the age and guile of auld Pat Gillick. Mothra v. Godzilla.


I am officially unconcerned that Julio Lugo signed with the Red Sox for an absurd sum and will be playing the position he wants rather than out of position for the Mets. Perhaps I am still concerned about the prospects of a drearily played second base next season but c'mon, 4 years and $36 million? The guy who hit .219 with no homers for Los Angeles in the final two months of the season? You go girl. That Theo Epstein must have contracted mad cash cow disease from the Red Sox disappointing season. What else would explain the absurdist show of $50 million plus for the bidding rights to an unproven Japanese pitcher and the $70 million, five-year contract for the sure-to-spend-the-majority-of-his-career-on-the-DL superstar, J.D. Drew.

Congratulations for Mike Piazza finally getting the gig his limp-armed two-hop-to-second-base lifestyle deserved: a stint as a DH. This is where this guy can finally make his mark.

What concerns me more is that the A's also signed left-handed reliever Alan Embree for a paltry two years at $5.5 million. Is there something about his 4-3 record with a 3.27 ERA in a career-high 73 outings for the NL West champion Padres in 2006, that Omar didn't like?

No, I'd rather take my chances on SeƱor Burgos, the man Omar fumes about when he's called the reincarnation of Jorge Julio.

"...and her radiator's steaming
and her teeth are in a wreck
now she won't let you kiss her
but what the hell do you expect
and the Gypsies are tragic and if you
wanna to buy perfume, well
they'll bark you down like
carneys... sell you Christmas cards in June

from Tom Waits' Small Change



sanchez said...

Thanks for the Baba Sheikh Farid Shakarganj reference, Jaap. Now I'll have a trading card to show all my Sikh friends. Really, what do you imagine he could conjure up as a starter for the Mets?

Jaap said...

Maybe England's spinner, Monty Panesar? He's a helluva spin bowler, after all. Just imagine that rapid rotation bouncing on the field at Shea in all directions...

kyle in newport news said...

And the Phillies got Garcia
The Sox got Matsuzaka,
And Omar got a porkpie Stetson hat
The Cubs paid big for Lily
The Dodgers, they got Schmidt
And now the Tides will head south
With their same old aged sh*t...

Small Change, indeed :)

jdon said...

Gavin Floyd? He is a stiff. And they wanted Pelfrey from us. I think an equivalent request to Gavin Floyd would have been John Maine. Ah well, there is that New York nbias rearing its ugly head. Forget lugo. I do not see the fasciation teams have with him. The guy is a wife beater, first and foremost, to me. But even as a ballplayer he is no big deal. He has been hitting in Tampa Bay for years. 9 million? Good bye and Good riddance. I think they will sign Zito and I offer a small prayer every night that they might somehow procure Wells. (Vernon, not David) I would pay for this guy. But I do trust Omar. He has brought nothing but success, an odd but oh so exhilirating state of affairs with the Mets..

Jaap said...

nice one, Kyle. Shouldn't you be happy to see Lastings playing for the Tides?

Jaap said...

I trust Omar too, Jdon. There hasn't been much to work with, frankly. The inflated rates for starting pitchers paid by wanna-be's for half-star talents, all mediocre in their own way, weren't worth it. It's better under the circumstances to wait it out although I have to admit, it's been less exciting offseason than the last two so far...I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

kyle in newport news said...

The Tides Wished They Were in New Orleans... and now they are!

(or rather, the Mets' players and coaches who were on the Tides).

Merry Christmas, jaap. Thanks for coming back from the Land of the Blogger Dead last year.