Speculation Of A Rotation Spinning To The Hall of Fame

We've already (probably) got two Hall of Fame pitchers coming back again next season to our rotation, why not a few more?

Bienvenidos al estadio de Shea

Come and sniff my 8-4 2.93 ERA post-All Star break numbers...

Couldn't help but rub my chin with a cosmogenic stare into the space of hyperbolization when I read the headlines this morning that Clemens, Pettitte File For Free Agency, and allowed mad scientist's thoughts to manifest themselves.

These two, traveling as a pair, just as they were signed with Houston a few years back, on the way to Shea.

Yes, far fetched, isn't it. Firstly, if they were going to do something crazy like leave the comfort homes of Texas for the mad-dash media feeding frenzies of New York, they would likely return clothed in pinstripes, not the auld Dodger Blue and Giant Orange of debauched Queens.

But because this is early morning conjecture it doesn't have to be much based on reality, freeing one from the nagging constrictions that reality often brings with her.

So just think that the enticement is the Hall of Fame Quartet (which of course, is more an enticement to Pettitte than Clemens at this stage,) sold and billed as the first starting rotation in baseball history with at least three Hall of Fame pitchers. And perhaps the auldest starting pitching rotation in the history of mankind (toss in El Duque just to be certain...) and voila, unique marketing points that perhaps only the Yankees, who already have like half the starting pitching free agents over the last three years on their side, could match.

Clemens, Pedro, Glavine and Pettitte. Not bloody likely. But as Halloween fades and the chilly November winds prevail, it is as they say, effin ponderable.


Itsmetsforme said...

clemens? for shame my man, for shame. hall of shame.

shameful also if the mets sign toothless tom for that kind of bank and two (2) years. sooner or later those millions add up.

Itsmetsforme said...

p.s. it looks like we all ready have one roided out pitcher, and you want to add one or two more?

this mota thing bothers me. I wonder if it was the juice that made him shake of Ct. Red Ass?

Jaap said...

shocking - even with the juice Mota surrenders game-blowing homers with equal verve. my guess is that he did it all in case he happened to plunk Piazza again in the playoffs...
As for the Texas Twins, well it was tongue in cheek, wasn't it.

Itsmetsforme said...

sigh...it's so easy to bait me. Just say "Clemens."