One Win Away From The NLCS

The initial storm has been weathered.

After losing Pedro and El Duque and with the howls of the jackals of media predicting their demise loudly in their ears, the Mets calmly did what they've done all season - win.

Last night's 4-1 victory over the Dodgers was perhaps not as surprising as the Cardinals pair of wins in San Diego, but it served to silence a multitude of schadenfreudists and lighten the hearts of nervous Mets fans.

Game One's story was multiple; a massive baserunning gaffe by the Dodgers in the second inning, Carlos Delgado's explosive post-season debut and most importantly, a victory that would appear to have righted a leaky Mets ship.

Game Two's story was singular; the lone Mets starter with experience left standing solidifying his legacy.

Tom Glavine's six shutout inning Mets postseason debut was just what the doctor ordered for this one-two punch; a steady and predictable veteran performance that effectively dashed another breath from the Dodgers' unsteady lungs. Another steadying performance for a rotation which is alleged to be the Mets' Achilles heel.

By no means is this series sewn up. Not with Trachsel and Oliver Perez waiting in the wings. But most importantly, the Mets have weathered the storm. They have faced the derision of losing two veteran starters on the eve of the postseason and have answered their critics with a resounding so what.

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