Mercy Killing

It was a lead not even the hurley gurley Victor Zambrano could out-gyrate.

Yahhhhssss. Victor Zambrano broke the magical 6 inning streak by Met starters. He gave up six hits, walked four batters, gave up three earned runs. He sinned in all these fashions but the Zambranocoaster still walked away with the victory in his first start of the season, typically unpredictable, quasi-coherent, left and right, up and down. Zambrano allowed 10 runs in 9 1/3 innings against the Nats last season. When your team smokes 4 homers and score 6 runs for you in the first three innings, you have to completely derail to blow that kind of momentum.

3 homeruns in the first inning; Beltran's above the luxury seat in right field, Wright and Floyd. The first time since 1999 they hammered out of the gates like Thor. It reminded of the days when Mike Tyson used to bounce into the centre of the ring as soon as the Round 1 bell went off and battered his opponent senseless before anyone had settled into their seats. And then Delgado popping another, worth two runs, to give Zambrano the game.

Other than Zambrano's inaugural start to 2006, Woodward replaced Anderson Hernandez at second base and Ramon Castro took over for Lo Duca. Castro had a double and Woodward drove in three runs in a game overflowing with runs like the fat lady with the six giant steins of Oktoberfest beer, slamming them on your table with zeal.

But before you could get sleepy with counting the runs, Willie finally saw a scenario wherein the lead was too big for even Jorge Julio to lose and the Julio Watch could begin in earnest.

(Exclusive live commentary...)

Dick Coleman says that working him in easier is the key. Hmmmm. 10 run lead. Is that easier for Jorge? Guillen grounds out. Nick Johnson up. Julio's body language tells you when he's in trouble, sagging shoulders....Nick Johnson hits a homerun. Hmmm 10 run lead. Is that easier for Jorge Julio? Awwww. Now I'm yearning for Darren Oliver's 4 ks in 2 innings of flawless relief...Now we should get excited about striking out Zimmerman? The Zimmerman hitting .237? Oh wait, let's let LeCroy, the .222 hitter hit a double. Get the zen? .222 hits a double? What is Jorge thinking right now? One more goddamned outs and I can crawl back into a ball? Damien Jackson, jaysus, this guy should do it. Punch out. Ohhh. Now what? It's only a 9 run lead. Should Billy Wagner be brought in again to eventually earn the save, five heart attacks later?

Well here we are, victory.

There's something unnerving about this start. Oh yes, now I'll squeeze the worry beads and wonder how long this swing of good fate will rise. It's almost getting to the point of giddiness these wins; precise and with verve.

Shall we thank the Nats for their hospitality? Thank you for the three wins, handed over with the resignated sigh of a team that knows it's hope for the season is already up to it's nose in water? Will the Brewers give a more accurate dimension to this surreal beginning? Two straight losses to the Cards but a 5-3 beginning nonetheless?

A chance to see Carlos Lee. Remember the offseason dilemma a year ago about whether to believe his German doctors and whether or not he would come back from major surgery? He's hitting .333 with a massive .455 OBP and three homers thus far. Their pitching is merely adequate without Sheets and their closer, the Freak Brothers-like Derrick Turnbow has 4 saves in 4 chances.

Where is Derrick Turnbow in this image?

Broadcast Commercials

I made comments a few days ago about a few of the ads played on WFAN in between innings and given their frequency, a subliminal bashing of the brains and their subtle effect on my Mets Experience, I thought it appropriate to note a few others that I couldn't escape remembering:

My favourite was for some professional wrestling extravaganza in Manhattan coming soon which held within it the delicious phrase "middle aged and crazy Terry Funk" and I couldn't help but wonder how the hell Terry Funk is still wrestling. It would be like Kenny Stabler, my all-time favourite QB, making a comeback. Terry Funk in Manhattan. What's next, Haystacks Calhoun in Paris? I just can't resist...

Can you imagine Haystacks in the L'Ouvre?

The other commercial was for Foxwoods Resort Casino which began with a bloke singing a song about "sweet gas, sweet gas I love your melody, ka-ching, ka-ching" and frankly, from that point on, I couldn't really focus on how that song related to the resort casino. What was the correlation? The hedonistic insanity of gambling?

7-1, baby. Not bad at all.


...So many things to be happy about today. Four day bank holiday here in the UK, home from work with the Guinness and the Newcastle Brown Ale, Mets on the radio through the magic of the internet, and another victory to add to the pages, 6th in a row, nearing the 8-1 start of the 1985 Mets.) --


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crooks banza said...

While "Terrible" Terry Funk may still be crazy, he is soooo not middle aged. He has to be at least 60 years old, since I remember him from too many years ago than I care to mention.

Jaap said...

Yeah Crooks, that's what I thought too. Funk must be ready to collect Social Security by now.