Hudson Outduels Glavine Out-Wright

Well...what do we say to this? What do we say to the bubble getting burst by the Braves, taking two of three of us at home like it was every other year in memory not the special season for the Mets?

You can dress it up however you want but it's still a pig 7-1 or 2-1.

Is that the sound of the wind leaving the sails?

Sure, the Mets, like the Braves were depleted offensively. Floyd, Beltran, Hernandez and Lo Duca were all out forcing Willie to feed the likes of the 0 for 15 Valentin into the lineup like chum into shark-infested waters. Is it official yet? Jose Valentin, please remove your belongings from your locker and move on.

Yeah, we can call it a pitcher's duel. Depleted rosters will do that. Hudson had a no-hitter through the first five innings and Glavine breezed until Andruw Jones humped us again with his fourth homer in three games to make it 1-0 in the 7th. But being on the losing end of a pitcher's duel is about as meaningful as another whistful Art Howeism.

Yup, it's early. If the Mets had swept this series we'd be calling it a season no doubt and on the flip side, the best you can comfort yourself is with so many games left against the Braves, the battle has just begun. Of course, that can also mean we'll be psychologically bankrupted by June.

First series we've lost all season and who do we lose it to? Why yes indeed, the Braves.

What shall we make of David Wright's 3 errors and 0 for the Atlanta series? The convenience of Beltran and Floyd's sudden injuries? The reason for Endy Chavez playing center or Valentin being on the team at all whilst Lastings Milledge is hitting .386 with extra base hits in 7 of his last 9 games down in Norfolk?

The season is still young but we've been swindled again and the bitterness of those Braves succeeding yet again where the Mets have failed is palatable.

But before you think the Mets have hit rock bottom, the news is that Anderson Hernandez has a bulging disc and is headed for DL Town. Guess who's coming to dinner? Indeed, adding fuel to the fires of doom, Kaz Matsui, that's who.

The punching bags for the season are already in place and yet the question remaining is who will earn the most scorn and derision of Mets fans, who will collect the heaviest heat, Matsui, Zambrano or Julio?

Yes, on our way out to San Diego to face Mike Piazza and company, two consecutive losses to our arch rivals under our belts, the once heady euphoria of a quick start fizzling like piss on a fire as the auld doubts slowly creep in. Goodbye big homestand, hello Western road trip.

Best to just forget this one lads.

Just move along and forget all about it.


KWeb said...

Typical Mets. If they can't beat the Braves they might as well forget about doing anything this season. Those pictures are disgusting man.

crooks banza said...

I was at yesterday's game sitting behind home plate just to the first base side. No camera shot on TV or sight line in seats elsewhere in the stadium can provide proper perspective on the size of Ramon's cranium. Enormous? Gigantic? Humongous? None of the foregoing does justice. The guy's head is half the size of Staten Island! I felt bad for the fans just off to our left sitting directly behind home plate as they had to continously crane their necks to see around Ramon's head when the Braves were at bat. It's no wonder he's so damned slow carrying that land mass on top on his neck. But even more amazing is how Pratt was able see around Ramon's outsized noggin in order to pick up the throw from Diaz that nailed Ramon at the plate.

Other thoughts on a beautiful day out at Shea:

I want to see Endy Chavez's visa to prove that he really is not 14 years old.

The fans who sarcastically jeered D-Wright should be banned from Shea for all time.

Tommy Boy has been in the bigs long enough not to have

Jaap said...

Kweb - don't despair, the season's still young!

Jaap said...

Crooks, thanks for the front line visuals of Ramon's head and Endy's teenage visage. These are the kind of first-hand observations the WFAN broadcasts just can't measure up to. However, I'm even more concerned with the quality of the concession stand food and beer. Any thoughts?