METS EXCLUSIVE: One Fuck Up After Another

I’ll be curious to see how Mr Delgado reacts to being traded from his first choice to his-not-choice after only one season.

I reckon eventually, he will toe the line, will he shave his goatee?

This man chose not to come to the Mets after they’d signed Pedro and Carlos because he thought the Marlins had a better chance than the Mets and because he didn’t like that Omar played the racist, hey let’s all be Island Hispanics card.

Will he like the Mets any better now that he can become a free agent after next World Series?

Only if the Mets win the World Series.

Otherwise, they gave up their best pitching prospect and a first baseman who may or may not be good.

On the other hand, when the Mets were pursuing this Jackal Delgado, they wanted that final corner piece of power that they didn’t have because they didn’t get him.

If you look at the 2005 Mets, you see on the one hand, nil contribution from Petit and on the other hand, a decent contribution from Jacobs that no one expected.

They expect it so little to repeat from Jacobs, they’ve actively recruited someone else.

Petit may some day be great but he might be just another wash out.

If Delgado comes in with a happy face and Willie Randolph does his salt as a manager, this will not only NOT be a problem, but it will be an asset because the Mets WITH Delgado and without Petit and Jacobs are a better 2006.

When Carlos Delgado still played for the Blue Jays and I still lived in NYC, It didn’t bother me at all that he didn’t stand out there for an American song for a Canadian team. In fact, I liked it because I believed I’d do the same.

My only problem with Carlos Delgado, which I think will dissipate immediately, is whether or not he’ll be a pro, suck it up and play for a team he might lead to the World Series.

If this was an indication of why the illogical Cameron for Nady trade happened, it’s a start. I dunno if Wagner will make it to the Mets but an off season of Wagner and Delgado whilst substituting only Petit and Jacobs, makes the Mets irredeemably better. Especially considering that with the Nats still owner-less and the Marlins tossing bodies off the ship, the Mets have only the Phillies and Braves to contend with any more.

I don’t like Delgado yet. Bad taste from last season like the rest of us butfuckit, if he buckles up, hits the numbers, well he’ll be good for us. Maybe he’ll even like us eventually.

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