Mets Closing In On Winning, Take Sole Possession of 3rd

By my calculations, if the regular season lasted until December 18th, the Mets would finally be in first place at this rate.

Last night another game, another meaningless victory over the Colorado Rockies, this time by a 3-2 margin which moved them into sole possession of third place. Fish, eateth our dusteth.

The victory was due, in large part, to Marlon Anderson putting a curse on the Rockies in the middle of the game:

Marlon's black magic stifles Rockies catcher Danny Ardoin.

The game also saw rookie Mike Jacobs raise the bar higher still on Met fan expectations for next season with his 10th homer of his reasonably young season.

A Tale of Two Pitchers

Kris Benson, 7 1/3 innings giving up only six hits and two runs sparked vague memories of

Tom Glavine shutting out the Rockies the night before.

Ok, one's a righty and one's a lefty, but they have the same set jaw, the same short hair and oh, well two different wives.

Tom's wife, Chris, cutting up pieces of Tom's auld Braves uniform whilst their son Jonathan, looks on. Chris and Tom are well involved in fighting childhood cancer.

Meanwhile, Anna Benson, sitting around looking trampish, as she does best. Anna's husband, Mr Anna Benson, spends most of his free time discussing philosophy and keeping his wife out of bar room brawls.


Meanwhile, Bradon Looper will undergo surgery to see if the misfiring synapses in his brain which cause him to throw gopher balls at crucial moments in the game, can be repaired.

In related news, Aaron Heilman earned his 5th save of his young season as a closer and will simply have to be called upon to do the same next season as opposed to spending billions of pesos on someone like Billy Wagner.


Notice how serious Willie has been of late about the Mets finishing big?

Now he's got Marlon Anderson starting in right field over Victor Diaz who still cannot field and still has no plate discipline.

Anderson hit a moon shot last night to help the Mets to victory.


Anyway Kids, the Army is off on hiatus for the next month so barring any unforeseen face time with a computer in the next 30 days, this will be the last post of the season. If you wish to be informed via email when the Army returns at the end of October, please drop a line and yea shall be duly notified.

Adios and good luck for the last two games, yea suddenly streaking Mets!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Glavine looks to be in pretty good shape, even compared to Anna Benson - wonder who is the more model mother?

Anonymous said...

Jaap, have a well rested vacation. Your site has been a weclome addition to Internet page favorites on computers all over the USA!
The Army will roll on with the hot stove only a mere weekend away! Carry on , brother man.