It's Pedromatic - Mets Over Phillies 5-1

Not even a rain delay at the start that lasted over two hours could stop Pedro Martinez from winning his third game as a Met last night in a pitching duel redux from the 2004 American League Championship with John Lieber.

That sounds odd but yes, Jon Lieber, of the Yankees, pitched seven innings and allowed one run and beat Boston's Pedro Martinez, who went six innings and allowed three runs. Just seven months ago.

Last night it was John Lieber the Phillie against Pedro the Met but although Lieber lasted six innings and gave up one run over just 79 pitches, Pedro got the win after giving up one run in seven innings and striking out six.

For the Mets it was the two most expensive new faces who saved the day; Pedro became the 19th pitcher in big-league history to record 2,700 strikeouts and eventually won the pitcher's duel whilst Carlos Beltran blasted a three run homer to turn a tight 1-1 game into a 4-1 lead in the bottom of that same seventh, a lethal combination for the Phillies.

If course, if you're a Phillies fan you could probably chalk it up more to the bullpen not being up to snuff. Lieber did his job, but Terry Adams, setup man Tim Worrell and his setup man, Rheal Cormier, all have earned run averages of more than 5.00 this season. They have combined for three losses and three blown saves. They are a large part of the reason why the bullpen ranks next to last in the National League, with a 5.91 ERA.

So in some ways, perhaps Carlos Beltran's blast was inevitable. Either it would be the Phillies lame bullpen or the fact that Beltran now has four home runs and 17 runs batted in; all four of the homers and all but four of his RBI have come in Martinez's five starts. Martinez has three victories now; Beltran has driven in three runs in each.

For those of you who wondered whether Jose Reyes should start stepping in front of a few offspeed pitches to get his OBP up higher than his batting average, help was on the way in the form of a bunt single, a total of four hits and two stolen bases.

How loyal are Mets fans? The paid attendance was 16,897, but only about 5,000 fans were on hand when play finally started after a 137 minute rain delay. C'mon, what else have you got to do? Watch the Yankees lose?

By the way, the Mets have played five home series so far and have won all five openers.

More interesting is the official statements of denial that Pedro doesn't want Mike Piazza hanging around behind the plate when he's pitching:

Let's see, first there's: Piazza, Willie Shake Off Talk of Feud


Martinez Is Not Playing Favorites, Mets Say


Willie Shaking Mike Off?

the ever popular: It's Not cough cough Personal

followed by the old Piazza Simply Resting routine (for every Pedro start, that is)

and Willie too coy about Pedro's personal catcher.

Well Mike, there's always Victor Zambrano or Jae Seo to catch for.

Tonight though, Tom Glavine makes another effort at revitalising his pithing career and no word yet on whether Piazza's Achy Breaky body will have so swiftly healed. Depends on how much pull a man with a 5.67 ERA this season really has.

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