Let's Do It Druggy Style

Perhaps in deference to the latest drug controversy which has finally dragged baseball's headlines away from Omar's Offseason, the Mets have resurrected Darryl Strawberry in their new-fangled 1986 time warp machine.

Strawberry, who will act as a "special instructor" for spring training, is the eighth member of the 1986 team serving the Mets in some capacity. Yet all the while, the Mets organisation carp on about how they are the "new" Mets.

In case you've forgotten, here is what Darryl looks like when it isn't 1986 any more.

"It was Omar Minaya's idea to start bringing back some of the 1986 players," Jim Duquette, the Mets' senior vice president of baseball operations, said yesterday in either pointing the blame or explaining why the Mets reached out to Strawberry. "There were a couple already in the organization and Darryl was one guy who was noticeably absent. We wanted him to get more involved with the organization."

More involved with the organisation? Why? To bring scandal and drug abuse to it's rightful place? Turn Carlos Beltran's nostrils into hoovers? Maybe Darryl Strawberry was a winner once, in 1986, but he's been a loser so long since, there isn't much to be gained by his presence other than a walking advertisement for how NOT to fuck up your life.

And on the other evil hand, perhaps there is more to this rumoured Cliff Floyd trade to the Rangers after all. Ladies and gentlemen, batting fourth, playing leftfield, 42 year old reclamation project Darryl Strawberry.

Lastly, I'm glad it's been cleared up by the Wilpon Family finally that they are tired of losing because after the performance of the last three or four seasons, we were all beginning to think this fluke Omar as GM thing hire was just another bad experiment that had mistakenly gone right.

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