Don't Fear the Magglio

It would appear that the Mets are either interested in free agent Magglio Ordoñez, or a little wary.

The outfield is far from set with the oft-injuried Cliff Floyd in left, Beltran in center and the unhappy Mike Cameron in right. A happy Mike Cameron in right would have been ideal but the more one reads about his complaining, the more this selfishness reminds me of Mike Piazza refusing to try to switch to first and disabling the team with his horrific catching skills. It would be nice if Cameron heals as quickly as reported and is traded on the first decent available deal out of town. His attitude is Old Mets, the attitude of self and losers and we don't need him, his wonderful glove, his 30 homers nor his whingeing.

It's been rumoured since the middle of last season that Maggs would be Mets-bound. So often in fact I think alot of us began to take it as a foregone conclusion that so long as Magglio Ordoñez had healed, he was going to be a Met.

Naturally the fact that he has undergone two surgeries - the second in Austria - on his left knee and has yet to work out for teams this winter, is to be considered. But the Mets appear to waver even at the idea of flying to California to watch him work out. What have they got to lose?

Mets Daily has a well-detailed history not only of controversial surgery saga but all the relevant body parts as well.

According to the Post, "One source claimed the Mets would "probably" come out to watch the four-time All-Star, but another source with inner knowledge of the team's plans said no decision has been made. If it happens, count on the Mets to make it publicly known."

How is it not a no-brainer to just go and see him perform, see how the knee is? Sure, you can't tell how the knee will hold up over a 162 game season but what the hell, any contract he signs is going to have protection clauses for the team that signs him.

Maybe Omar is just playing it coy or maybe he's a little stung by the antics of Carlos Delgado signing with the Marlins because they "have a better chance to win" than the Mets. Maybe they don't want to take a chance on building a core part of their outfield with a player who could be out for the season if his knee goes sour again.

Then again, Ordoñez could be a bargain.

" If he is totally healthy -- and his agent, Scott Boras, says that all of Ordonez's health questions have been answered to the satisfaction of the appropriate team physicians -- then look at what Magglio Ordonez is: an apparent lock to hit 30-plus home runs, drive in 100-plus runs, play some responsible outfield and not cause any problems in the clubhouse"

IF is a big word. But a healthy Magglio Ordoñez would formalise the transformation of the Mets from slugs to juggernauts, make the lineup infineately more formidable and give them a good chance to win the East, despite their bullpen.

If the Mets don't even try, well, all season long they might hear the I Told You So song ringing in their ears if Ordoñez starts tearing it up.

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